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Difficulty: Challenging (Not recommended for lone travellers/couple)

Things to Carry: Trek shoe must, Water bottles, ample amount of snack

Best time to Visit: Monsoon

A short drive for a reason, a bit difficult one to choose a destination within 60 KM, couple of minutes to think and chose Thotikallu Falls (TK falls). Members getting together after a week break and the notable one was Anil taking his brand new beast RTR 160 first time for the ride, and Castro joining in. A new member in the crew as well in the ride.

The Crew

Since this being a short ride, decided to start a bit late than usual at 5:00 AM. Start of monsoon and we were able to sense the fresh windy cool and crispy breeze gently flowing through. Me and Harish starting from Marathahalli, Anil to join at BTM and Castro at Banerghatta road. Took the Nice road till Kanakapura junction, stopped for a morning coffee, a usual stop when there is a new member in the team, introduced and a good long chat before leaving to TK falls.

On our way we were discussing are we on the right path, there are no signs of falls and there were question raised for choosing this place. By 7:00 we reached the entrance of TK falls, could see few bikes parked, and made sure that we were not the only team to be there, since this place has a long history of thefts and illegal activities. Just few meters in front, there was a temple, and hardly few steps ahead, off road started.

Needed to go through the forest, no sign boards, no path, to say it was similar to man vs wild. The first glimpse of water flow was seen (with the previous experience of mekadatu, we decided not to expect anything). Climbed through rocks, between bushy thorny crispy bushes and Castro vocals adding spice to the situation. Each and every moment was a picturesque spot. It would be treat for photographers.

Reached the bottom of the falls, water flow was less, but the surrounding kept us more involved such that we decided to ascend to the top. On reaching the top, a breath taking view, we were standing on the huge rock, to the left, to the right the entire scene was like someone had spread a green sheet all over the place.

Spent ample time at there on the rocks, taking pics, resting and neglecting for missing out to carry snacks for this trip too. Everyone use to carry a bag pack but it would not have anything other than water bottles. We also saw a big tree and its branch was stretching like an arm, a perfect picturesque spot. It was hard time reaching the branch but worth a photo.

Rested our feet in the water, few rested on the rock – we were hypnotised in a moment, with the mild sound of water flow and the countless beautiful leaves whispering to each other. Again it was when our tummies started to knock and reminded us “hey there please pay kind attention to me, you guys remember to fill petrol for your bikes but always forget to fill food for me”. So started our trek back. If we had packed food, it was a perfect getaway for a weekend.

And the trek back was really challenging, three to four times we lost our way ending up in reaching the same place where we had started. In a moment we even questioned are we lost in this forest? Really it was a thrilling one. Moved in all the direction and somehow managed to find our way back to the entrance.

Finally had our breakfast on reaching the main road at krishna sagar and returned back to Bangalore. A decent location for a weekend getaway, explored by TLT and a suggestion, it is advised to go in a group. This place is secluded and there is no security too, better to go after sunshine and return before sunset.