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Trek Distance: Approximately 3 KM

Difficulty: Moderate

It was a festive day, in fact the second day of Diwali, with all the fun getting to a halt, we decided to go on for a ride. This time in my home town with my childhood buddy Biju, after long years travelling and it was the ride that got us together.

Initially when we started the destination was Silent Valley wildlife national park, but the moment on reaching the national park we understood this is not going to work out, people were crowded for the safari ride. The first slot that had went hasn’t returned yet and the booking was closed for the day. With the disappointment on our face discussing on the first ride getting flopped out and it was mid noon, so we decided to take the opposite route which was longest one just to kill time and enjoy the returning ride.

But the day had other plans for us, just after 40 KM, we saw the sign board reading take left for Siruvani Dam, we had lots of time for the day, without any hesitation took the left. It was like riding through an abandoned area. There were no vehicles going or coming on the route, but the journey through lush green serene land.

Reached the check post, enquired about the entry and the official said the entry is restricted for two wheelers. Another disappointment struck, with that said we returned to our bike and decided to spend few minutes before returning as the place was peaceful and adoring.

But to our astonishment a jeep approached us, five of them got down, they were from kerala. They went on to get the passes, we jumped in and asked whether we can join with them for the ride. They discussed and acknowledged with okay and we need to pay. We acknowledged immediately, all we needed is a ride. The jeep seemed too old with the paint scrubbed off, seats were barely screwed, doors were tied to each other which acted as door locks, we both wondered is this a good idea will the engine be good enough until the course of time. But all we wanted was a ride, to be honest the mechanical parts of the jeep were at its best, the engine had the power to drive through steepy roads.

We were lucky enough to spot elephants too while we were crossing a bridge, when one of them cried out loud elephant elephant stop the vehicle. We all got down and enjoyed the herd of elephants crossing the river bed, have seen those only on TV’s, this was the first time seeing live. It was so astonishing to see the elephants crossing the river one after the other following their leader. B-E-A-Utiful it was.

Moved further, the course was a narrow one and it was only our vehicle passing through, we reached the siruvani dam, stopped by, and the water level was too low, saw the huge structure of steel separating Kerala and Tamilnadu.

The drive was mesmerising, travelling through the forest, we spotted pigs, dragon lizard crossing and forest squirrels jumping on the trees. Reached the border where the road was blocked and further trekking to be done. The other side was Tamilnadu and it was blocked for tress passers. Started for the trek.

It was simply amazing, weather suddenly changing sides, within seconds dark clouds started to appear and making the entire place shower with the beauty, the reason why it is called the mother of nature.

Reached back to the checkpost, realized that we agreed for the pay, we both were discussing as they are gonna charge us high, but we were surprised when they asked 100 per head, even if we had to pay for the official we would have paid extra. Kudos for them. Thanked them for the ride and wished a good luck for the rest of their journey. Returned back home with full of satisfaction, a moment when we thought nothing can be explored to the moment driving through the Mother Nature, day is full of surprises.