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Trek Distance: ~4 Km (to and fro)
Difficulty: Moderate
Best time to visit: Make sure you visit when it is not raining.

Shivagange located near dobbaspet Is a well known Hindu Pilgrimage and is also considered as Dakshina Kashi (Kashi of the south). Situated close to Bangalore at around 60 km, it also serves as one of the best trekking and photogenic destination. The sacred mountain is shaped as a shivalinga with a historical statue of Nandi on top of a steep rock making Shiva gange invincible in nature. The religious hill holds two Lord Shiva temples, one at the footsteps of the hill and other at 4km at the top of the hill. The trek gets more interesting while moving closer to the top as the path gets narrower and the climb gets harder. At the end as the saying goes “beautiful view comes after the hardest climb”

Bangalore to Pune NH, the signs of monsoon were seen, come weather, hot tea at nelamangala, clicking photos, recording videos managed to record the gear shifting video too.
Sunday dawned bright, it was 6 am, decided to trek before leaving home and the nearest destination that Google maps had was shivagange. And that’s how it all started.

It seemed easy but while trekking it is not the same. You need to battle out with the heat, humidity, shaky legs and the monkeys(yes you read it right, MONKEYS), if they see a tourist with a backpack off they jump on you and open them up in search of food.
It’s been a long time since I trekked and that had its effects, had no stamina to continue the climb seamlessly. Reached a point where the great Nandi was seen. And that marked the climb of the last stretch, it is narrow, the climb gets harder, and so do the monkey army. It really is a test for ones stamina.

And finally after an hour off trekking, reached the top of the hill, on one hill stood the mighty structure of Nandhi, and on the other hill the temple.

You can reach to the Nandhi, but if you’re enough that it is not conquered by Monkeys.

Hanging bell on the edge of the rock, still remains a question as how did someone manage to do so..

A refresher after the tiring trek.