Like the saying goes “Last night I wanted to drink coffee, this morning I am drinking coffee. Follow your dream.”

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Note: Not open during morning hours.

13 Jul 2017 After a tiring day at work, reached back to home and surprising to see Harish in the living room, his end of the day is usually 23:00 hrs, so something weird that day and from then, only weird things happened. Clock striking 23:45 and the state was like asleep at the wheels when Harish suddenly interrupted with indistinct laugh saying, come let’s go out and have a cup of tea. I thought that he was making fun and didn’t give much attention until he meant it for the second time. It was already quarter to 14th July, and suddenly I replied why not for a night drive? Without any hesitation Harish nodded come lets go, we were not bothered about the destination. Main objective was to have a cup of tea, then came the drive, this made us to decide the location. Harish we are going to Rasta Café at Mysuru road. He enthusiastically shouted am ready, let’s start immediately. Invited Nithy, his reply was “I have office tomorrow morning, let’s plan on the weekend dude.” Fridays even our office are working only, we will return before 5 in the morning. Nothing convinced him, but we both didn’t want to backout.

Exactly by 00:00 14th July started the journey. On the way we wanted to check with Anil too, but the same reply we got. So didn’t force anyone, decided we were on our own this trip and my first as a pillion rider.

The Ride

On reaching nice road, it was like stepping in to the black, nothing seemed to embody the new freedom driving in the late hours, and night enhanced the simplest pleasure of solitude. Though being a pillion rider I could still sense the pull between clutch and accelerator, the glide from third to fourth and to fifth, seemed to free our mind, riding at night is similar to a world of your own definition.

On taking the turn at Mysuru road traffic seemed to be like on a normal day, our chat also had conversation that said we thought we were the only ones driving at night, but now we realize there are fools like us too. Later they vanished leaving us alone, roads turning liquorice black with the vehicle lamp enlightening the way.

1:45 reached Rasta Café. Parked the vehicle and moved forward. It was quite a decent place on the highways. The environment was quite good enough free from pollution, and a good place to hangout with friends to try out every Italian cuisine. Spent ample time at the café over a cup of morning coffee.

3:30 Started back to Bangalore and a good long chat, such that we were not aware that we had driven for 1 hour almost reaching our home. This was the first drive where we didn’t feel the boredom on the return journey, nights are perfect for driving, bringing out the soul within you.

A night well spent, morning are for work nights are for ride. 120 KM drive for a coffee, seems really weird but “No matter how serious life gets, you will consequently need the company of people whom you can completely be stupid with.”