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Difficulty: Challenging

Things to carry: Water bottles, snacks.

The beauty struck morning haze had started to churn and mix together. A perfect weather for a perfect ride.

The Ride

Reached Muthyala Maduvu, the first scene wasn’t that impressive. To the left was the Dodda Kere lake, the water wasn’t clear enough, but I could see people managing to play though.

Moving forward there was an offroad path leading inside the forest. Just few meters in and the view was spectacular, surrounded by green dense forest.

Reached the falls (which they used to say), the pearl valley but there was no water flow it was completely dried. There was no direction, no sign boards for the path once you are in, all you need to do is go through the forest. Need to be careful of not loosing the path that you are using. Would have reached around 3 km and there was a sudden change in the weather, the beautiful dark clouds moving above the peak covering the entire stretch within a blink of an eye.

And instantaneously showers of rain garnishing the range, spectacular and this marked the sign of monsoon starting in Karnataka. The view from the top when it rained was like a huge white sheet covering the range.

Decided to move further but the rain didn’t seem to get down, and even the muddy path started to become difficult to walk through.

Returned back on the same path, since this is hike through the forest there are no man made steps, no sign boards, need to be careful on each and every move and advised to be on a good hiking shoe because the stretch keeps on going on moving further filled with rocks. Better to carry ample amount of water. Muthyala Maduvu is best suited for an adventurous day trip.

It was 17:30 in the evening, lots of time remaining for the day, decided to visit Omkara hill. Take the nice road and the turn needs to be taken before reaching Mysuru toll road. To be precise after crossing Kanapura nice road toll, after few kilometer there goes a left turn which takes to Banashankari, need to take that route. Thought that this too would be trek, instead it was a temple elevated on a hill.

It is marked for its unique built and this represents 12 jyotirlingas which are located at different parts of the country. Worth a visit.