Featured for: River Settlement

Recommended for: Family/Couple (Not for Travel Enthusiast)

The trio are back and this time with the ride to Muthathi settlement. It has been a habit riding through the Kanakapura road and the ride was as smooth as a river flow.

The Crew

By 7:30 reached the entrance of Muthathi reserve forest where a security guard checked our vehicles and warned not to honk or stop anywhere through the course of 14 km journey through the reserve forest. We didn’t honk but “don’t stop anywhere” became “stop everywhere”, the climate was adorable with dark clouds moving in and making it a perfect day. The road was not so friendly with potholes in every few meters, but that didn’t affect as the weather and surrounding kept us more involved in admiring the nature.

After crossing 12 KM mark, the first glimpse of water body was started to be seen, WOW was the expression on the first place, we were ready to stop our bikes on the road sides and walk down to the water, but decided to move forward to check out main view point. In a kilometre we reached the parking space, parked out vehicle and huge disappointment struck on all our faces. It was a complete mess all over the river bank, plastics, bottles, clothes and wastes spilled all over. We even questioned did we drive over 120 KM to witness this mess?

Stood for a while before taking the charge, there were sign boards saying prohibited area, moved beyond that, there were even wire meshed up with thorns, crossed through all the barriers, to witness the beauty of cauvery, no crowd, no plastics, no mess, looked around for a place to rest.

Saw a huge rock under a tree, a perfect hide out we thought, but didn’t last for long, a strong whistle, we were spotted, with the stick in hand a guard shouted to come back. We had no other option rather than to stop our proceeding and get back. Then another guard came, said it is highly restricted place bla bla bla, we told we will leave but the guards told come with us, we are not going to leave you guys alone. It was like we were protected by black cats in front of us, reality we were the suspects. Warned us to stay within the limits, we acknowledged and reached the main entrance. This was our first trip where our stealth mode didn’t workout 🙁

Went in right and was caught by guards, now let’s move towards the left and we will walk until we are caught again, but we are not staying in the view point. We went for some distance, beauty was revealing itself, there were small island kind of land separated by water bodies, decided to cross it and from no-where another guard appears. Pretended to be as taking photos and waited until he lost our attention and moved away, then we made our move, crossed the river and moved to the other side. Tried to get in the water but it was really shallow on the other end, that was the moment when we realized a localite who said this place has long history of unexpected depth of water and anytime the water flow can increase. So decided to stay within our limits, spent ample time in the water flow, resting on a tree branch, chatting about how this place has not been preserved before leaving.

Though it was supposed to be a natural feast, individuals has turned this place to be a messy feast and the guards making it more difficult to explore the water body. Just one can go visit the temple, witness cauvery from the river bank but not a weekend getaway location.

Highlight was when we took our bikes and started the guard who caught us initially stopped us at the checkpost and warned “You guys shouldn’t stop anywhere on the way and get into the water.” We acknowledged by saying no sir we won’t, thank you and left Muthathi. To conclude Muthathi, A scenic beauty with over exaggerated guards and irresponsible tourists.