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Recommend For: Trekkers

Best time to visit: All season except rainy days the rocks can be slippery

Time to trek: ~45 mins to 1 hour

Things to carry: Water bottles, Snacks, Trek Shoe, better wear jean as it will provide grip while trekking down the mid-section on the trek.

History of Medigeshi is not as immense as others, may be that’s how simple I learnt from the Villagers. Breaking the name Medigeshi as Medi – Ankle and Kesha – Hair, the fort was built by Nagga Reddi as his wife’s hair touched her ankle (yes you read it right, hair touched her ankle) and that’s how it got its name Medigeshi. The fort walls still remains intact making the scene amusing all the way during the trek, and it kept me wondering why and how it has lost fame over the years. There is Venkataramana temple and Lakshmi Temple at the foot hill which was also built by Nagga Reddi and this marked the start of the trail for the trek.

Being a year-round rider, I’ve encountered a fair share of both hot and cold weather conditions, but conditions get worse when one needs to ride to Andra Pradesh border on a summer season. But as the saying goes,

“Those places where you find resistance in yourself, that’s where growth happens.”

A cup of soothing tea at Nelamangala junction and the next only stop was Medigeshi.

Note: Google maps leads to Medigeshi village, enquire the villagers to reach the start of the trek.

Reached Medigeshi village, enquired a localite on the starting point of the trek, safeness of the trek. He asked me to reach Venkataraman temple, adjacent to the temple a fortification would be visible which marks the starting point of the trek. And also asked me to keep track of the temple while trekking down since the trek is not a straight path so that I would not miss the actual way.

And this is how the trek goes

Segregating the trek into three sections

Initial Section

This is the easiest section comparatively, where you go through two fortifications, both are visible from the bottom itself. Just like a warmup before an intense training. Not sure what was ahead.

Mid Section

Mark my words, the scariest of all three. Once you cross the second fortification, a huge 75 degree inclined rock will stand in front of you. Turing left right nothing will work out, that’s the only way to go further, and it will definitely get a toll on you. This will be a test of one’s endurance level.

Final Section

After the tiring mid section trek, everything seemed easy from that point. The rest of the trek had craved steps on the rock, making it comfortable to pass through, 150 steep steps to reach the third fortification.

Note: Watch out for the PALE ORANGE footpath, they provide no grip on the trek shoes.

From third fortification, things got more interesting, reaching the fort itself was like going through a maze. Straight I went, leading to a fort wall, left turn and in the dome, straight in and entered another dome, then a left, came out of the dome and there it stood in front of me, like a lone survivor the FORT itself.

But it was quite far, I knew there could be some way to reach the fort, started looking and here is the interesting architecture, found a cave through the rocks, from where light was passing in from the other end. Didn’t dare to try it out as there were signs of rock slides. Opposite to the cave there was a pond built, went there and another way emerged out adjacent to the pond. Followed the path and it lead directly to the fort (from top, the cave was also visible marking second way to reach the fort), simply amazing.

Then the exploration started, it was a huge vacant land spread at the top with bunkers and fort walls constructed all over the mountain.

Spent quality time at the top, munching on the snacks, resting on the rock looking at the clouds moving at a steady phase, the morning cold breeze while my eyes started to close slowly inch by inch. A sound power nap for 15 min on the rock bed before sun started to shine right on top of my face . Return trek started. As mentioned by the localite keeping track of the temple at the base was really helpful as multiple times in the mid section lost my path and the temple helped to regain my position and trek in the right way. And rough and tough jean provided extra grip on the 75 degree incline rock 

At the end, prayer to end the trip with 

A historical place that needs to be noticed off. A group of friends with all the needy carried to the top then this turns out to be a prefect camping spot. Thank you readers for all your continued support. Until next trip, stay tuned.