This trip was meant to be high on adventure off the beaten track, triumph on adversity and new world of discovery. Finally after hours of discussion it was decided to drive through the wildlife of Mudhumalai and Masinagudi. Homestay confirmed, custom hoods ready, and the riders were all set to march along with their machines towards the wild. Photo credits: Aravind and Hema, the beauty of Masinagudi were captured at its best colors from their camera.

The Crew

A Toy, 3 Bulls and a Beast

Crew: From left Aravind, Nandhini, Sujay, Koushik, Deepan, Castro, Hema, Arun and Prem.

Route: Kanakapura – Malavalli – Mysuru ring road – Gundulpet – Bandipur – Mudhumalai – Masinagudi


  • Riding at night or early in the morning away from traffic needs more attention on the road to avoid the blind spots, it is advisable for the rider leading to flash a beam of light when he/she comes across a sign board to help the fellow riders following to beaware of what’s ahead.
  • Bad weather, downpour, roads covered by fog then switch on the LED tail lamp to make a safe route for other riders. (Most of the vehicles are not BS4 compliant yet)
  • Stay in the group, even if the road is clear and your aware of the route, don’t loose your group. One or the other will be comfortable to be within the sight.
  • When riding through the reserve forest don’t honk, people love to honk to avoid incoming traffic but not the animals, remember you’re travelling through their home.


Places to visit in Masinagudi

  • Mudhumalai safari
  • Theppakadu Elephant camp
  • Moyar dam
  • Maravakandy dam
  • Bokkampura Temple
  • Lord Muruga Temple (Short Trek)

Day 1

Decided to avoid Mysuru road as nowadays the route is over crowded.
Aravind, Nandhini and Sujay were sharp on the timings, 4 am and they are at the Kanakapura toll, on the other end by that time others were still stuck at Bannerghatta road. Managed to reach Kanakapura toll at 4:30 and join with rest of the crew, intro, hugs and morning wishes, distributed the custom hoods and off we started for the ride.

There can be nothing more satisfying than the feeling of dawn. Nature is at its best and is the glorious hour. The brilliant beams of the sun gives a splendid shade to the mists and knolls, mountains and valleys. It denotes the trip of the sun in the sky. Initially, there shows up a little chunk of light in the sky, later at that point it continued expanding in size. The brilliant coating is by all accounts rising and rising while the flying creatures started to sing to its sparkle.

100 km of whispering ride came to a stop at Malavalli junction for Morning coffee. A good long chat and to end the discussion to stop in an hour for breakfast before Gundulpete. A pleasant surprise was awaiting for us, clouds turned dark, drops of water were sensed, it took just few seconds to convert to a heavy rain, it was like a blessing from no where. This is what we were waiting for all these months. Nothing stopped us, everyone enjoyed riding in the rain. Reached Gundulpete and the crew in car were like was it a downpour? you guys seemed to be soaked and taken out from a pool 😤 Aravind was aware of what Gundulpete famed for.

Gundulpete is a place known for flourishing flowers, especially Sunflower and Marigold flower. In Gundulpete one can witness the vast landscape filled with yellow and orange colors. Acres of land cultivating  Sunflower and Marigold flower that produces a magic to the entire scene. Marigold flowers are mostly used for stage decorations and functions and it is from Gundulpete Tamilnadu and near by states gets this flora from at most reasonable price. Apart from this from a photographers point of view this turns out to be a picturesque location. Must visit if passing via Gundulpete.

Note: People around the village charge inorder to allow inside the flower estates and click photos, no worries, they are kind, give 10 rs and spend how much time you want to.

Other notable destination in Gundulpete is Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta, we didn’t visit it since during the weekends it is mostly crowded and it would kill our time to reach Masinagudi.

The next 50 km ride was the most satisfying one, the vibes while crossing Karnataka border and entering into Tamilnadu was just amazing. Drizzling weather, moving grey clouds, monkeys, deer gathering at the road sides, peacock, peahens, elephants – awestruck 🤩 The most loved moment since there were no honking no over speeding and no pollution just a place to be riding throughout the day ⛰

Note: The road is closed between 10pm and 6am for safety purpose. Vehicle checks are mandatory and strict while entering TN border, so be cautious guys.

11:30 Reached Masinagudi, the first stop was at a hotel, mark my words you drive in the rain or cold weather the first one to knock the doors is your tummies, Saraswathi Mess – small one but the epic taste they bring out, makes one not to stop eating. Checked in the Green Acres homestay, was a perfect fit for 9 to 10 members (can extend to 12 members). Well situated, and hassle free in identifying the  stay. Has parking facility, to our surprise had a carom too, had a cricket bat but no ball. What else first activity was to rush and get a place at the carom board, the ones who actually knew to play were quiet but the ones who really don’t know how to point the striker were the ones fighting for the place. An hour or so playing carom rather I would describe as fun cracking hour, then our exploration started.

Only these four knew to play the game properly, silent and concentrating only on the game. Apart from these four if others were on the table, the entire place becomes lively.

Mayar Dam

10 km away was Mayar Dam.
In the mean time while the crew were getting ready, me (Koushik), Deepan and Sujay went for a coffee and enquired about driving two wheeler to Mayar Dam, though we were aware it is not advisable to ride in 🏍, we took risk driving there. But as our crew members and other mentioned we saw and felt why they advised to take a jeep. Just after 2 km entering the forest of Mayar Dam, we saw two jeeps halted in middle of the road. We stopped our vehicles way behind them, waiting for a signal from the jeep drivers, in the mean time we discussed what shall we do? is it an elephant, is it a deer, or what?  We dared to make our move, went near the jeep and to our left a bear was on the branches of the tree and it was a huge one too. And all of a sudden in front an adult Sambar deer just hopped from the bushes crossing the road to other end in a flash. Deepan with his arrogant voice demanded us both not to take risk, let’s move out and board a jeep with rest of the crew. With due respect to his words (literally 😅) we went back to homestay discussed the happening and with the entire crew boarded a jeep to Mayar Dam.

A Church near Mayar Dam, some abandoned buildings that turns out to be a group photo location.

Day 1 explorarion halted with Mayar Dam and Maravakandy dam. As usual the long chat as in every trip with the entire crew to sign off day 1.

Day 2
Safari, Theppakadu Elephant Camp and Bokkampura was the itinerary.

Safari timings 6:30 am to 8:30 am and 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Theppakadu Elephant camp 8:30 am to 9:30 am and 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm

Castro takes the organizer role for the day. Sharp by 6:30 everyone were up, all excited for the safari. Me (Koushik) and Castro went ahead to get passes for the safari which was 7 km drive from our stay while leaving Aravind to handle the huge burden of getting the entire crew ready on time for the safari 🤣 just kidding everyone were responsible when it came to timings.

Note: Government organized safari costs 340 per head and requires minimum of 15 to 20 members to start. Safari time of 90 mins
Private safari costs 5000 per vehicle that can accommodate 9 to 10 members. Safari time of 120 mins
Elephant safari 4 members costs 1120 but distance not covered as that of vehicle safari.

Government organized it very well. We would recommend to opt for the same.

We were not lucky enough to spot tigers, cheetah but we were fortunate enough to witness deer herd of bison and our national bird Peacock wide spreading it’s mesmerizing greenish blue colorful train displaying his beautiful plumage and attracting a Peahen. Most of us have seen it in TVs or YouTube but to view it live with our eyes inside a forest is such a satisfying scene.

We returned from safari at 9:30 am and we were unfortunate enough to visit Theppakadu Elephant camp as it was closed. We requested the ranger to allow us in but he replied even if I allow, you will not be able to see any elephants since the mahout has moved away the elephants from the camp. So visitor plan your timings accordingly. Get the first slot of the safari (6:30am) so that you can visit Theppakadu Elephant camp in the morning itself.

Bokkampura temple

The most powerful temple quoted by the locals. Didn’t enter the premises but everyone had minute to spare in front of the temple, all I prayed is thanking for all the fun these two days had to offer and wished for safe return of the entire crew to Bangalore.

On the way back to homestay visited Singara hydroelectric power plant outlet where the water gushed out from the power plant. Permission are not granted nowadays to visit.

12:30 almost 24 hrs since we have checked-in. It was time for checkout. 13:30 checkout out, and hardheartedly bid good bye to Masinagudi. Return journey are always boring one, but following the rain clouds and getting ourselves drenched, exchanging the bikes, stopping at regular intervals kept the same spirit as that of our onward journey. 20:00 our 6⃣0⃣0⃣ kms 🚗🏍 of enthralling journey came to an end when we all reached Bangalore.

Its been quite a long writing on new destindtions, will make it atleast one for a month. Readers like you always do, keep supporting us, thank you for all you’re extended support. Until next time, stay tuned 👋🏽

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  1. Such a journey, nicely reported! That peacock is certainly trying to impress the female, beautiful! I love the moving blue line on the right of your website!

    1. Thanks you Marcella, the peacock never gave up where ever the peahen walked he followed he, as the quote goes Male are always Male, ha ha.

  2. Awesome pictures and I loved the animated navigation tool you used. We take roadtrips from Bangalore very frequently and I have got my itinerary for another weekend trip here 🙂

  3. I love the details in this post about how much to give when going to the marigold places and how much other things cost ! Also, I just loved the photos, especially the first one taken from the ground!

    1. Thanks you so much Tazim, happy that a fresh talent is being recognized, for.the first time my camera were rested. Kuduos for aravind and Hema for the pics.

  4. That looks like a nicely off the beaten track trip. The tips are great and I like the notes. Beautiful photos, definitely looks worth a visit!

    1. Yep, definitely it was, those two days we were away from a busy life, completely surrounded by nature. Pleasing days.

  5. We have fond memories of visiting Mudhumalai and Masinagudi. Had a wild encounter with an elephant too on a night safari! However, were always looking for a guide for visiting. Thanks for this one.. love.. Backpacking Series.

    1. Seemed like you had a thrilling one, similarly we had with a bear. Same place but with different animal 😀

  6. That peacock looks majestic! The rain-dewed landscape and the wildlife remind me of the forests of Dooars in North Bengal. I haven’t explored much of South India and Masinagudi seems like a must visit place.

    1. Masinagudi is worth a visit. You should plan once. Visit during the monsoon to feel the beauty of Mudhumalai and Masinagudi.

  7. Wow! I would absolutely love to do a trip like this. The chance of seeing Tiger and Leopards while they’re still around would be amazing. Thank you for the inspirations

    1. Thank you for your comments. Sighting a tiger/leopard is purely luck. All we had to is have our fingers crossed 😀

  8. In the wilderness quite literally! It looks like it was a great adventure and I love to see that luscious countryside, it is so green!

    1. Thank you Sarah Wilson for your feedback. you shortly with the details behind tha animated map 😀
      Appreciation like this keeps me and my crew hunting for new destination. Keep following TLT

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