What makes this Dam Special?

Markonahalli dam is built across the river Shimsha and it also gets the pride as the first dam to get built using the Siphon system. That means when the dam reaches its maximum capacity these siphons naturally allow water to pass through the gates (ever open gates). Unlike other dams where the crest gates are always closed to stop the flow of water, here at Markonahalli the gates are always open and the water doesn’t flow unless the dam is full, it uses the principle of air flow and the siphons become the only way for the water to pass through.

Additional Info:

There is another Dam named Hirebhaskara (Hirebhaskara Dam), 100 KM from Shimoga that uses the same Siphon technology and this dam will be visible only during the summer as the water level during the rainy season will be over the dam. This depends on linganamakki dam, if linganamakki dam is full then water will be released making the Hirebhaskara to submerge, since linganamakki is built with higher altitude.

The Ride

The ride is straight forward, situated around 100 KM from Bangalore. Google maps has the correct location on it, so this is how you reach to Markonahalli, Nelamangala -> Kunigal -> Herur and just before Yadiyur the sign board will show to take left for Markonahalli. From there the roads are in a mixed condition, good and with patches, it will be through villages, lush green surrounding, peaceful landscape.

Markonahalli Dam

Best time to visit would be for sunrise, the yellow bright rays spreading wide, birds welcoming the day with their melodious singing bringing the entire serene lively, the moment when first rays of sun falls on your skin which is almost frosted during the ride in 16 degree temperature, the feel is unexplainable.

A kind of location for bird watchers too, am bad at bird watching, tried but my patience level was not up to the mark such that even when I move slowly the birds were able to identify me and started to flaps their wings. Spotted a crane too, a big one, I was more excited on seeing that I made a brisk moment and he got disturbed and just flew away from the place, bad that I wasn’t able to capture him.

The premises also had the statistics displayed year wise,

This dam is not known to most of the people, I recommend it would be worth a visit since in this modern era this levee stands as an example of quality engineering since 1940. Once could also learn about the internal structures of the dam construction. There are no restriction to roam around, but make sure you don’t litter the place. It’s upto us to preserve.

Clock striking 10:00 Still more time left, reached NH, got in to a hotel, ordered breakfast and started to search for nearby getaways. And spotted out Devarayanadurga, yes its one among the Navadurga. Read about Devarayanadurga, Solitary Trek