Recommended for:  All age groups

Best time to visit: All season

Things to Carry: Water, Snacks

Into the hottest season of the year having longest days and shortest nights, no surprise temperature is at highest peak point, but that’s not stopping from riding and this time Mandaragiri Hills.

The Crew

This place is popularly known as Basadi Betta and is one of the important pilgrim centers for Jainism in Karnataka. Pinchi shaped 81 ft high Gurumandir first of its kind in Jain History. The Guru Mandir is dedicated to the Digambar Jain  ascetic Acharya 108 Sri Shanthinsagarji Mahara. Shri Mukha Mantapa at the base has installed tall statue of Chandranatha Thirthankara inaugurated in 2011. The Mandaragiri hill is a small hillock with well carved 435 steps which houses 4 ancient temples of which 2 are from 12th century and other two from 14th century. And it would be a disgrace if am not mentioning the Mydala kere garnishing the entire area.

6:00 Shortest ride, just 60 KM and an hour to reach this ancient beauty. Spot few morning walkers and riders reaching Mandaragiri. One can reach the top by hiking through 435 steps or take your bike to the hill through the off road. First the hike, not the one that would test your stamina, hardly 10 minutes of walk took me to the hill. When you have gone through Huthriduga, Huliyurdurga, Kabbaldurga then this one is a cakewalk 

A small pond to the left of the hill. The entire surrounding was covered with rocks, red muddy sand, it was like being in middle of a desert. Moving behind the hill, a glimpse of water was seen, with all the excitement moved forward and then the beauty was revealing itself. It was Mydala Kere lake,

10:00 While descending the hill along with Nischal and team (a fellow traveller, got ourselves introduced for the first time) a person (guard) was hiking with keys and hundi, when asked he told he will open the Gurumandir. And what took, got down, now its time for my bike to do the hike.

Learnt from the guard that he used to open the mandir everyday between 9-10 in the morning and closes by 6 in the evening. Lets see few photos inside the temple

At the base of the hill

In spite of the midday heat, this is the season for some delicious fruits, got hold of few like jackfruit, watermelon and muskmelon to beat the heat.

Mandaragiri is a perfect picturesque and a half day getaway during the weekend.

6 thoughts on “Mandaragiri/Basadi Betta

  1. There’s just so much culture and heritage emanating across the entire area that you’ve visited – with beautiful architecture and historical relics scattered all over. I’d love to check these out for myself and learn more about the cultural elements being illustrated here.

    1. I appreciate your interest Nathan. You should definitely visit, India is a land of historical relics and you will definitely love it.

    1. A must visit place if you love historical visits. You can get to know about Jainism and their culture.

  2. Wow, Mandaragiri looks like a gorgeous place to explore! I love all the colors and wouldn’t mind biking around here for a couple days to see everything it has to offer!

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