Best time to Visit: Mahadevapura (all season), Ganalu (Monsoon)

Best to visit in group

Things to carry: Water Bottle and Snacks

Yet another long weekend and again am the only one left over. What else, fill the petrol check the air, charge the camera and start for the ride, when my beast is with me “I know I’m not alone”. Invading the darkness, push between the clutch and gear, shift up ah, what music! the pioneers of engineering have set up, the acceleration – started to feel each and every bit of it. A slight difference on this trip, just followed the direction (south-west) not bothered on the destination, took the Mysore road, crossed Silk City then came the Toy City and also reached the sugar city of Karnataka – Mandya, just remembering the places where we stopped for tea, coffee and photos during Oct 16, 2016  Stopped at Mandya for the breakfast and still unsure why I reached this place? If nothing interesting in Mandya and Srirangapatna then my next stop would have been Mysuru, but thankfully talking to the hotel person gave a fresh and unmapped scenic beauty on my cards. He asked to visit Mahadevapura which is in Mandya District and this place is not known to most of the people as a river settlement. Like he said it’s true, the village Mahadevapura is available on the map but the way to river settlement is not yet identified. This wanted me to visit Mahadevapura, and he also insisted to enquire the local people for the way to river bank.

The Lone Survivor

Needed to take a left turn before Srirangapatna, crossed the bridge and reached Mahadevapura circle, from where I needed to find the off road which would lead to cauvery river as per earlier conversation. Enquired about the river settlement and nearly four to five times lost the way ending up in a no man’s land finally a villager guided the route for the scenic location. Yes it was indeed an off road. On the way when I asked is this the right way, the person replied asking are you from TN and then answering my question. But that one question from him had lots of thoughts going within me, but those all faded away with the glimpse of the river appearing.

Overwhelming, just stopped my machine and stood starring the impeccable beauty of nature. Early morning peace, the dawn melodic chorus of birds that syncs with the solid sounding of the water flow and especially there were no people, no forest official to say the do and do nots, free from noise and crowd and the serene was pollution free. A perfect picnic spot, found a huge rock rested all my belonging and off in to the water.

Here is a short 1 min video

Sitting on the rock, immersing my legs on the river flow, allowing the tiny fishes to gently swim over my legs, munching on the snack, a power nap with nothing disrupting the peace of mind. It was a scenic hypnotism.

The long hours of relaxation coming to an end at 11:30. Packed all my things and started back, this time found the easy way to and fro for this spot.

And here’s how,

Cross the bridge, then you see three sign boards as below,

Take the immediate left to the sign board that says hump ahead, and drive for 2 to 3 kilometers until you find another left which is an off road, this will lead to the river settlement.


On my way back came across Ganalu Falls from another villager, decided to visit before Bangalore. A 10 KM drive from halaguru to the left. Came across a group of bikers joined with them for the rest of the journey,

And out of 10 KM, 6KM turning out to be off road and out of that 3 KM to be a challenging one where your machine will be sliding on the fine sand. Ended up at a hydro electicpower generation station most of which were blocked to go through and there was less water flow.

The offroad,

On the return, saw few slopes that paved way down to the water flow, a slightest of hesitation since it was restricted but being stealth is not a new thing. Stopped the vehicle, stealth mode on and in to the wilderness, finally reaching the falls.

Dry Ganalu

Slightest of mistake and this turns out to be the death bed.

Still showing sign of life – Ganalu

But oh hoooo, how to trek back 

As usual lost the way, multiple attempts to get it right, somehow managed to reach the top. Really a tiresome trek it was. Clock striking 15:30 and another 100 KM away from Bangalore. Rested for a while and started to Bangalore.

And also came across the land slide 

Never expected this day to be such an adventurous one, started as a day for ride but it turned out to be a complete exploration. 367 KM’s, 2 new scenic spots explored and the day well spent. This is what TLT is all about.