Best time to visit: Summer (Mar to Jun) and Post Monsoon (Sep to Jan)

Madhava Mantri Dam built across river Cauvery near Talakadu is one of the oldest dam in Karnataka nearing 900 years of its service from the date of its construction. Built on 1140 AD by Madhava Mantri ruler during the time which served the purpose and also earned the name as Kaveripura (now not referred as such) for helping people in T. Narasipura taluk with the rich water source. It was in 2013 when the water flow was very high, parts of this dam were damaged. This dam is on the sights of current government for a facelift, hope the government preserves the original one and constructs the new dam.

The name Madhava Mantri has lost its identity over the years, it is due to the Bhoruka Power Corporation which has over powered Madhava Mantri that even people around the village were not able to recognize it rather than few who had spent their life in the village.

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  • Felt a moment of drowsiness while driving, don’t hesitate to stop, have a POWER NAP for some time, let it be on the rock beds, lawn, hotel table while waiting for the food, coffee shop anywhere. Even a 5 minutes of power nap will keep oneself fresh for the entire journey. Remember all it takes is a fraction of second, and we don’t want to be the reason for it.
  • Keep yourself hydrated all over the journey, especially while you’re out driving, plays a vital role.
  • This point is for the ones who use to have the earphones while driving, even I use to do it, no regrets, but have the volume as low as it can be, as in the NH when its windy/rainy the horn of buses and trucks are suppressed and are heard only when they are few meters behind, would result causing in panic, remember listening music is involuntary action and driving is a voluntary action.

Google Maps Reliability: 99%

Follow google maps till Talakadu Kaveri Bridge, from there ask the people to get to the dam. Summary of the way from the bridge, take the right turn after the bridge, drive few kilometers (~3 KM) until you sight the sign board “Bhoruka Power Corporation LTD” on the right.

Take this turn and it will lead you to the Power station, this is the recently constructed power station and people refer to this instead of Madhava Mantri. If you reached a point where you read the sign board as Hemmige Village, then you need to turn back to find the board as shown above.

Enroute to Madhava Mantri, a resort to make note of, Talakadu Jaladhama. One need to take a ferry to reach the resort, with cauvery source surrounded by trees and pleasing weather. It sure seems to be a worthy stay for a weekend, groups visiting Talakadu can book the stay over Jaladhama.

The ride was a super exciting with nature offering its best at post monsoon, clear skies, moderate weather, surrounding basin of madhava mantri flourishing in green colors, silent waters, chirping birds, the roots of the banyan trees that provided a joyful swing over the river flow, a perfect place to spend quality time.

Bhoruka Power Station:

Learnt for a villager on the history of the dam, which I had mentioned on the top. Also enquired on whether a visit to the power station is allowed, he told you can give it a try and also enquired on the way to reach the actual Madhava Mantri dam. It was unfortunate that the entry to Bhoruka power station was restricted.

Way to Madhava Mantri dam is just parallel to the power station, just besides the bridge take the turn to reach the dam itself, find this sign stone and take the turn, kind of off road for couple of kilometers. One can enter in to the waters and spend as much time as he/she can, no restrictions, just watch out on the slippery rocks.