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A ride to the age of Vijayanagara period and no doubts this has been declared to be of National importance. First interstate ride, crossing Karnataka and entering into AP.

Into AP, Andhra welcomes me

Madakasira is mostly called as Shivalaya by the people, and was constructed during the 8th Century during Vijayanagara period. At the fort hills stands Lord Shiva Temple which is why Madakasira is called as Shivalaya, and this place come to life during the festive days especially during Maha Shivaratri, almost 500 people gather at the fort hill during the night and pooja will take place at regular intervals all over the day. In other days it is visited by few people mostly by villagers and tourists and it remains as a least visited national importance.
Source: A boy from the village

Things not to do

Madakasira fort has lots of cave formation between the rocks, try not to enter and explore them as the caves may be hollow and may lead to a fall. Mentioning this as I came across a situation where the previous night a villager tried to enter one of the caves and resulted in falling down 120 ft, and after hours of crying loud people were able to identify that a person has been stuck. And it was when I trekked the situation was informed to the fire rescue people for the rescue. Be aware.

There are three ways by which one can reach Madakasira Fort,

  1. Via Nelamangala, Dabaspet, Madhugiri and Madakasira Recommended – Good Roads, Shortest distance
  2. Via Dodaballapura, Madhugiri and Madakasira Not Recommended – Roads are in bad condition and quite secluded too (Regret that I took this route)
  3. Via Devanahalli, Chikkaballapura and Madakasira Good Roads, longest route

Better to carry snacks, if planning to spend some time over hill.

8:00 Reached Madakasira village, Telugu being my mother tongue, there is no problem for me in communication, checked with the local about where the trek starts and had a chat about the place.

The trek is straight forward, it is well paved with rocks stacked up like steps, so there will be no difficulty in finding the path. The trek will keep one interesting and for people who love archaeological visits Madakasira won’t disappoint.

The Crew

Crossing each fortification is always a thrill,

The Burj

While trekking came across this boy, accompanying me, it was a good long chat from then. Lucky that I had a person to share the trek with. Learnt that he used to come with his brother to offer pooja to Lord Shiva and also about the history of this temple. Once you reach the fort hill, you can find the Shivalaya (Lord Shiva temple) and adjacent a lake, learn that during raining season it would be completely filled.

Introduced to his brother who was preparing for the pooja, and they offered me to step in the temple and also with their permission took snaps too.

From the temple, far away there was a lantern structure seen, learnt that during festive season a person would climb up and light the lantern that would burn across the day. And he said even I can reach there, but need to climb rocks and advised to be careful.

The way from temple to the lantern it is like walking through a maze. Keeps one wondering always as what could be next. Excellent.

Here’s where the entire fort can be seen in a side view. Mesmerising.

And here comes the power nap, first power nap in 2018  explored every nooks and corners of the fort, astonished by the way it had been constructed, took snaps, clock was striking 12:00 and started to trek down. And the people were welcoming, the person whom I checked with for the parking and start of the trek, invited for lunch on my return, so kind of him 

Karnataka Welcoming ..

A good place to visit and hangout with friends, if you’re ready to battle with the heat, considering you’re in AP.

Ending Feb with 1 ride, until next time, c u guys. Happy reading.

6 thoughts on “Madakasira Fort, into Vijayanagara Samrajam

    1. It’s a good destination for a half day visit, if you’re in Bangalore. A least known one though.

    1. Hi Heraa,

      Thanks for your comment. Madakasira fort is situated in Andhra Pradesh and AP is well known for its temperature. With heat into consideration, the temperature would be comparatively less in Sep-Dec. Better to avoid in rainy season since if you need to hike to the top of the mountains you need to be careful that the rocks are not slippery.

      Koushik K

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