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12 Feb 2017.

4:00 “I think saw you youuuuuuuuu…” alarm whiling. Refreshed myself, checked on the power bank that I had left charging, the previous night. Got the wires and power bank packed at my bag pack and needed few fresh songs to be copied to my mobile, and started for the ride by 5:30.

Needed to take NH7 that is airport road and then take the route to AP. The weather was mild and moderate until I reached NH7. Weather changed drastically then. The temperature started to drop, I began to love it. I never expected such a climate in the mid of Feb before I started.

7:30 Reached Chikballapur, stopped by a shop for morning coffee, its 7:30 and still the temperature was cold, checked on the accuweather app for the current location temperature and it showed as 11 degree, and had travelled half distance of the journey through it. It was by 8:30 a change in the sky was seen on the misty covered roads becoming brighter, a mixture of yellow and orange rays began to evaporate with the light of sun covering the clouds. With 72KM to march forward, drove within 60s enjoying the beauty of nature, song adding spice to the ride. A journey after a long time, much needed and a relaxed one.

10:00 reached lepakshi, Wow simply beautiful. Being the first archaeological visit, never ever did before, with the shrines of lord Shiva, Vishnu and Veerabhadra outspread all over the place. Rested for a while watching the serene surrounding and enjoying the monkeys playing on the branches.

The aura of this place would impress a person to learn more about Lepakshi, entered in, observed the stone carvings, fabulous architecture of Vijayanagar Empire.

And there is a hanging pillar too which is the balancing one for rest of the 69 pillars on the mandap. The pillar was short of height and when tried to remove it other pillars has started to crack, so it was left it as such and it remains the balancing pillar for the entire structure, to really check it out, people put in their thin clothes and take it on the other side.

On moving further the majestic Shiva statue around 12ft with seven headed snake covering around and the entire structure was built on a single rock. To the right side there was a lord Ganesha statue carved and saints performing Pooja to Shivalinga carvings and the left side of the rock had been left untouched. On one of the statue there was a bull carving, the reason for mentioning is that it had three heads with one body, it depicts a bull and a cow in one carving, one head raised high above depicting the raging bull, the other head out down depicting grazing and the other head pointing to fore udder and the teat depicting a cow.

To the back there was an unfinished kalyana mantapa, it had a centre stage surrounded by 6 lords, it was believed for the marriage couples to be blessed by the lords.

The pillars on the mantapa had carvings those designs were used in today’s sarees which we call it as dharmavaram saree collections.

Moved further and I came across feet impression, learnt that it was where lord Sita stood and round the clock the whole year water will not get dry. It is believed that water come from the sides of the rock where the Sita Padam is impressed.

Moving further there was a big circle surrounded by small ones, and there were three such. It was the place where food was supposed to be served. Those were the dining plates, if food is served for people like us 5 of them can fill their tummy. Amazing architecture, mind blowing.

There were small mantaps across the temple, leading to the entrance.

Moved out and there was a garden, rested for a while before staring back to Bangalore. Went on to explore the streets, there were lots of shops especially sweets shop and I guarantee it would be a treat for sweet lovers, sellers use to home prepare the sweets and sell it themselves. Managed to pack few of those to accompany on the return journey.

17:00 Started from Lepakshi, as usual as it is, return journey will never be the same as that of the onward journey. Stopped by on regular intervals for snacks that was packed back at Lepakshi, 20:30 reached home after the 300KM journey.