Featured for: Trek

Difficulty: Challenging

Trek Distance: ~7 KM

Things to Carry: Trek shoe must, Water bottles, ample amount of snack (carry less since the trek is very challenging)

A trip that seemed to be along with the group to the trip turning out to be a lone one. Had the idea of having the tag line as lone survivor, but the beauty of nature outlasted the other. This is how it all started, decided to travel in the caravan, and Friday evening car getting cancelled, and people in the trip too getting uncomfortable one after the other and backing out, finally leaving out with two members, Koushik and Harish. It was up to us to decide, left it to Harish to decide and he too felt it would be good to cancel since he felt tired due to post couple of days work. Acknowledged him since I don’t believe in forcing a person, it is all up to his own comfort zone. But I was still in, said the same to Harish on reaching home, he told even he will join, I acknowledged alright it depends on the morning situation. Next day morning 4:30 the alarm went off and Harish was in deep sleep, so I just wanted him to be in the same state and realised am going to be on my own this trip. A much awaited one and after a long time. It is exactly the moment when a plan gets cancelled an unassailable plan starts to build, Kabbaldurga one of the Navadurgas.

The Lone Survivor

Luckily had my jerkin as the steady rhythm of cold weather started to drum a lullaby directly while riding through Nece road. Riding through kanakapura road was mesmerizing, seemed to had rained the previous night, the scent of rail soil filling up the atmosphere with the canary-yellow sun rays bursting out of the clouds, the steady theme of the beast like a streamlined butterfly along with ARR musicals, didn’t feel as if it was a lone journey.
Had breakfast at Kanakapura and also packed some food this time (experience gained from previous journey), and started towards Kabbaldurga. At 7:00 reached the base of the trek, the initial look at the trek was like me standing in front of Gulliver the giant. It was a huge rock and people call this as a mountain, this is only for mountain climbers and not for intermediate trekkers like me. Also had the question ringing up in my head will you be able to trek this all alone? Take some pics from the bottom and turn back, make this as a ride.

Came all this way and no photos of the trek, then this day would turn out to be a funny one for others especially Harish. So decided to trek.
The Initial Stretch was quite normal, seemed to be manageable. Moving further things got worse, pics will speak the rest,

There were moments where I lost the path, ending up in front of a vertical rock or a smooth inclined path where even standing would be difficult. There were even narrow path where even if you see up front and back the trek seem to be impossible. Took rest for every 15 minutes, a person without patience will never be able to conquer this one. Few moments where I thought of quitting but the verses from coldplay Army of one is going to fight for you. The mountain has lots of safehouse kind of setups by nature, well suited for quick rest.

At one moment there was a path similar to a curly one, this was where I made new friends Anil and Nagesh (both were named the same), and they were descending down, had a good long chat before moving forward. Learnt that the destination is 100 mts ahead from them, a sign of relief.

On reaching the top, the view was mind blowing, a one way path through the green field. Long green grass filled up all the way leading to the peak. And from the peak the view was …. “Such a Heavenly View”

There was a temple around and couple of abandoned forts, spent ample time at the peak lying down on the rocks and getting lost looking at the moving clouds and dancing weather before descending. And descending was easier but needed to be careful ono each move. 12:30 reached back to the parking space and later started back to Bangalore.

If one wants to get his/her entire organs refreshed, go trek this beauty, this trek is equal to 3 days at the gym, 1 week of jog and two weeks of morning walk. This is a test of ones stamina. At the end one more trek for the blog TLT.