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Trek distance: ~8 km
Recommended for: Trekkers
Difficulty: Moderate
Best time to visit: All season but make sure it’s not raining
Things to carry: water bottles, snacks

Core TLTians getting in for the ride and its a trek, after 60 long days and this time its Huthridurga one of the Navadurgas. The initial plan was to trek Makalidurga but while surfing the night before the journey it was mentioned each person need to pay 450 to the forest department to trek , Harish replying there should be no history in TLT of paid trekking, let’s look for other trekking spots. With just couple of hours remaining the pressure was on. And after lots of search Huthridurga was finalised, just for one reason the name was enthralling.

3:00 This time Harish being the alarm. This was the longest refreshment that we had taken over all the 20 trips 1hr, started by 4:00, picked up Jobince at Bommanahalli at 5:00, the best part was Jobince still wasn’t aware where we were travelling, and when he heard Huthridurga, Makalidurga alias Huthridurga ?? Me replying, No we dropped Makalidurga, then he just replied go somewhere but we are reaching Bangalore in the evening right??  Good rider and a good companion to be with.

The Crew

Reached nece road, got the toll pass till Magadi Road and the hypothermic ride started. Chillness showing no mercy, body temperature started to fall, hands almost frozen, teeth chattering and harish suggesting pls stop in any coffee shop, am… no we are shivering here. Stopped at magadi for the tea, words were not coming out, harish asking are we getting old?? Why are we shivering then?? 

I even went on to feel the heat from my engine, but of no use even it was running cold 

8:30 reached Huthridurga village, my eyes spotted thatte idli (karnataka famous breakfast dish) in the shop were we stopped for a small break before the trek. It was too early for breakfast and we also don’t want to fill our tummies before the trek. The first view of Huthridurga, and the conversation was, okay guys we will eat thatte idli as much as we could and return to Bangalore. Superb, a better idea was the instantaneous answer came from the rest two.

It’s been nearly 2 months since we have trekked, so we were less in confidence. But we decided let’s give it a try and test our stamina. No matter what it takes we are gonna trek this beauty today.

Way to trek (betta)

Needed to drive over the hill for nearly 2km, you reach a village, then find this water tank,

Near to this a muddy road will diverge, you can also find a government school at the start of the road. And in few meters you can reach the trek spot. Park your vehicle either near the school or drive through the muddy road and park in front of the trek spot.

The Trek

And then we started our trek. The rocky structured entrance remembered me of something ancient. We also lost our way on reaching the first hill, moved to the right to the left but still couldn’t find the way, we also trekked back to the village to ask for the way. I learnt from the villager after reaching the first hill, go to the extreme left where the fort ends and there you can find the narrow way.

Trying out the trek video in first person prespective

And finally we found it. Then the same on third one too, but now we were into the scene, our mind started to work and finding the way got easier  it usually takes some time for my brain to analyse and respond accordingly

The trek was weary and tiring, hot sun draining us every second, zig zag steep movements over every fort. But we enjoyed it, tested out our stamina. We just had two stops not more than 5 minutes on the entire trek. Quite good, we still had that same energy when we use to trek most often. It remembered me of the tomb raider game scenario.

And on reaching the peak of the betta, off we went down on the shades of the temple mandap. Power nap time

Readers ask me why power nap on all the trips. The answer is simple “we don’t sleep much the previous night before the journey” eager and very anxious on the upcoming trip, we take each and every trip as our first.

Munched on with the snacks we carried then went to the opposite side of the temple, the entire way covered with bushes reaching our height, I went first, to explore. It was a breathtaking view, I went in too far that I wasn’t able to hear my friends when they shouted my name from the other end. So when I came back, I saw them marching towards me. And they shouted y didn’t I reply for their shout. I was like did you so??  anyway come here guys the view is simply awesome. You need to see it. And the photoshoot started. But needed to be very careful a single mistake and you will be dropping yourself over 5000ft.

To be frank we had our nerves shivering when we reached the cliff, still managed to smile for the photos.

Clock striking 11:30, started to descend. 12:30 we were down, bidding good bye to Huthridurga. Went on to ask for thatte idli in the same hut shop, the guy was hey it’s lunch time. Very bad missed the village thatte idli , we had seen dhaba on the way so decided to check in there for the lunch.

Hunger was pinching our stomach, after finishing our lunch, our mind knocked and told you guys forgot to take photo of the recipes 

On the return back Jobince learning how to drive my Apache, he’s good in driving a car but not in bikes. His hands feeling the bars of a bike for the first time. As every one used to be even he struggled in 1st and 2nd gear but on the higher gears he was good damn good. Me being the pillion teaching him on gear shifts, how to use the clutch on different situations and how the clutch acts as third brake, the dos and donots, he told till 10 km he will drive but since he was good and it was a NH left him to drive for the next 30 km, a good break for me and enjoyed the pleasure of being a pillion rider before reaching traffic hit Tavarakere (he was when I told you drove 30 kms, that’s how you feel when you drive a bike, no words to express, it’s just you and the machine) Jobince handed over the bike to me and said next I am gonna buy a bike not a car.

16:00 at nece Road, a sudden change in climate, chatting with Jobince, see the beautiful weather and my music player too is playing the right song “yeno vanilai maruthey” from AYM and I have you as my pillion rider  with all the fun reached Bangalore, from morning 5 to evening 5 with same spirit.

We are The Trail Less Travellers.

Marching towards the end of 2017, not sure how many more trips are under our belts, but we have our fingers Until next trip (hopefully), stay tuned and keep following.