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Trek distance: ~5 km
Recommended for: Trekkers/Mountain Climbers
Difficulty: Challenging, better to be in a group
Best time to visit: All season but make sure it’s not raining

A trip with lot of expectations only to end up as a fun factor, misleading path, trek turning out to be a mountain climb etc etc The one we never expected off. But yet another exploration of the NavadurgaHuliyurdurga.

Swamy bringing in his friends, winsley and Thanga for this ride.

The Crew

The course was same as that of Huthridurga. In fact we needed to drive extra 20 km from Huthridurga. The drive scene was a recap of the previous one so skipping it out, Nece Road -> Tavarakere -> Magadi -> Huliyurdurga, instead of one scene. Right after crossing Tavarakere, on the curvy roads, from no where a dog came in an attempt to cross the road, I was in high speed, what else high on the brakes, sqeeeeeeeeeesh on the Tarmac and it was just a fraction of sec separating us both. Thank goodness. Need to be very careful during those situations, avoid the panic and your good to go.

Purchased snacks and food at Magadi and off to Huliyurdurga. 7:30 reached Huliyurdurga. This time got the way right to the trek start point in the first attempt.

Way to Reach Trek:

Reach Huliyurdurga Police station, adjacent to the police station take the off road and it will lead directly to the abandoned temple which is start of the trek.

Now here’s the tricky part, which trek path to take, left or the right and you stand facing the Huliyurdurga temple, most will consider taking the left path on taking a look at the surrounding, but that’s the dumbest decision. It would be a thriller but also will let you know later what would happen if you trek in this path.

The one with wide spread arena to your right side is the correct one. First I will narrate the positives of the trek, sorry it wasn’t a trek I would rather consider as Alpinism, later part I will narrate the erroneous act that we did.

Enter the fort, rock positioned steps until you reach the Ganesha Mandap.

Again two routes diverge through the forest one to the right and one to the left, don’t take either of them. Move slightly to the left from Ganesha mandap, look up, a bare Rocky Mountain with a huge rock risen like a shield will be seen. That’s the way, from this point it’s no more a trek it’s a mountain hike 

Needed to calculate each and every move, a single misplaced step result in lading hard. The hill was in a 70 degree inclined position and that had all the hurdles to go through, to make it more interesting it also had a cave kind of rock structure, need to crawl through it.

Reached a point which seemed to be the end, but no, in front an 85 degree inclined rock was seen marking the final stretch of Huliyurdurga. To be frank hiking that was really challenging. Standing on a 5 ft long and 5 ft wide base, in the front you have the 85 degree inclination to the left vertically deep covered with tree branches and not sure where it ends and to the right the hard rocky path which led to this place. A moment of hesitation, then removed the shoes and time for some bare foot hiking. One thing was for sure, if started the hike there is no way in backing up. That really tested my stamina, legs helping in holding the grip, hands pulling upward, the next 10 minutes was an intense adrenaline push. Collapsed on the ground after conquering the massive inclination . But the view that was setup in front – simply mesmerising. All it takes is that slightest of risk to enlighten the day.

Nothing at the top rather than a two wall abandoned fort. Sun was right at top of my head, spent some time and decided to hike back. Okay now that I had ascended how to descent the same 85 degree. It was quite difficult with the backpack, no doubt readers your mind voice is right, left the backpack to roll down, then I came sliding all the way down, ouch . Thought of crawling down slowly rather turned out to be a sliding event, from 10 min hiking to 1 min sliding. Here and there scratches/bruises on the lower arms, awesome. But these bruises were good comparatively to flesh eating thorns.

Reached back to Ganesha Temple, a family was performing the rituals, they offered me to join for the puja, got the blessings of Lord Ganesha and the little girl offering me Prasāda, me acknowledging her and she replying “You’re Welcome Brother” with her fruity voice. Then she went on again and came back running offering me the Chrysanthemum flower and again with her pleasant voice “You’re Welcome Brother”, still her voice is ringing in my ears on typing this. The innocent smile she had on her face delightful to watch, she is a Cherub.

Had a small conversation with the family while walking from Ganesha Temple before bidding bye to the family and to the cute angel.

Man vs Wild moment:
Now narration on comedy of errors. Rollback to starting point facing Huliyurdurga temple, we all took the way on the left that was our first step and it too seemed compromising as we reached a fort structure similar to that Huthridurga, then while trekking we also came across a Nandi statue mistaking it to be the right path, finally ending up in middle of a dense thorn forest pricking our skins. Few blood shed moments too.

Even after the first experience we didn’t learn our lesson , on reaching Ganesha mandap we took the way on the left and again being a victim for the thorns. Did everything on reaching the dead end, thankful for the dry branches, those were so dense covering the entire path else we would have gone in the wrong way with a belief that we are trekking right. But that led us to some peculiar moves too, like, we saw a tree root strong enough to help pull us up, Swamy was the first to try it out. The scene was like in a Man vs Wild show, Swamy trying out like Bear Grylls and me being the Camera crew, again to end up in a no mans land,  Had no knife, no ropes just a stick that too we had got hold off from one dry branch. Hell of an experience.

But got hold of the neighbouring Navadurga – Huthridurga. It was a delight to witness the adjacent navadurga that we trekked weeks ago, waved a Hi to Huthridurga and back again to Ganesha Mandap, later my brain realised left and right explored now try out straight up which was the correct one finally, as narrated earlier.

And the blood shedding moment:

All Navadurga are not the same, the one which paved the way will not be the same for other. Had lot of disappointing moments, first impression is the best, better to ask the localities before making a move, huliyurdurga thought us a lesson “start from the basics.”

Though the trek didn’t seem to workout as we expected, hanging out with this gang was really fun, gave us lots of memorable moments  especially with Winsley and Thanga.

Post Trek Scene:

Bandaids and coconut oil came to our rescue, we were just counting the number of bandaids 1,2,3,4,5..6..7..8…. and the best comment for the above pic was this one, “now your fingers are similar to Nadal fingers” feeling proud

Time for a break to Navadurga, so whats next? …… Stay tuned.