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10:00 Tummy full, waterbottle refilled, all geared up to conquer Devarayanadurga. And the first Navadurga in 2018. 90 KM away from Markonahalli, the good thing, it was on the way to Bangalore. Temperature started to increase, it was a hot oven ride.

Beast standing tall, ready for the challenge

The hillock is surrounded by two temples, Yoganarasimha and Bhoganarasimha at an altitude of 3940 feet. This place is famous for trekking, but now it is restricted, not sure for what reason it is banned. Note: If you’re good in being stealth then yes you can trek this place.

The moment you reach the check post, there are two ways, to the right is the hillock where Yoganarasimha temple is located and to the left is Bhoganarasimha temple (if your wish is granted then you need to feed the people visiting the temple a day). The ranger advised to visit the hillock first and even I was interested on the same, it was a hillock and a 2KM of curves, nearly 7 curves to reach the top from where the trekking starts. From the top the entire way from bottom could be seen,

Counting the curves, 7 hair pins, start counting 


People can walk the 2KM or drive to the temple. There is a pond to the back of the temple, besides the pond there was a way which was blocked, and my insights alerted, that’s the way to hillock, the fort at the top was barely visible. Waited for a while watching the moments of the people and time to switch ON the stealth mode.

Without being spotted moved in and after few meters in, to the left spotted a rocky path was visible, with the previous experiences of trekking Navadurga, I confirmed the way and started the trek.

There will be no difficulties in finding the path, just that one needs to climb rocks on few instances. It took 15 t0 20 minutes to reach the top, without any stops. Though I trekked midday the sun was not burning hot, the climate was moderate, so it was comfortable for trekking.

Crawling though made to land in front of a huge rock where at the top a lantern was placed. Though it was inclined at 70 – 80 degree climbing that wasn’t a big deal since it had pavements to rest my feet (unlike Hutridurga), but climbing down was definitely a deal

And Oops,

There was a way leading to the right which took to the fortification, from where the entire Devarayanadurga could be seen. Such a beautiful view. Had snacks that I carried, rested for a while before marching back.

Place to watch out for:

Namadachilume, the drive to this place is through forest and a ghat section, so for riders out there do drive to this location.

Three successful exploration in the month of Jan, a good start. Every week comes up with a new challenge. Until next time, see you guys.

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