Bored? Lets drive to OOTY <-  This here is an old trend. Bored? Lets drive towards Kerala (Palakkad) <- Is the new trend. Second week of December in Coimbatore, and Friday night my brother returning from office and sharing the thought, bored, shall we drive to a waterfall called Meenvallam at Palakkad, there will be no second thought when it comes to ride, yes was my answer.


Best time to visit: Jul to Nov

Things to carry: Water Bottle(S), salt and match stick (prone to LEECHES) be careful with the match stick in forest.

9 Dec 2017 6:00 alarm goes off, it took 30 minutes for us to get ready, this time not carrying my DSLR and our phone camera had some tiresome job to be done for the day.

The Crew

6:30 the city is already astir. Home makers garnishing the wet streets with colourful eye catchy rangoli in front of their home, newspaper vendors with loads of paper on their bicycles make their rounds, early morning walkers preferably old champs, the morning joggers with their mobile phones tied to their arms, vegetable sellers, pleasant Brookefield Mall (not after 10 AM), the artistic golden sun started painting CBE railway station and the traffic free Ukkadam junction simply

Fresh windy cool and crispy air started whistling like an invisible ghost on reaching the Palakkad highway, a butter smooth ride being in RE 350, we could see the odometer dial gradually moving from 70 to 80 to 90.

7:45 Reached Palakkad, our tummies showed the sign of being hungry, time for some authentic Kerala breakfast. Checked in a hotel, ordered a plate of Appam, 3 appam in each. Soft and delicious with sambar and chutney . Sharing the comic things in each other workplace we had the 3 appam for nearly 30 minutes, even the waiter came and asked how about Tea, we acknowledged get it but we are not finished with Appam yet, get 3 more pieces.

8:30 Towards Meenvallam, 15 KM from Palakkad city, after which the rest 6 KM is a combination of offroad and normal tarmac. To our surprise we reached a place where river stream was flowing, not sure was that the way, just let the RE in. Few meters good, but the rocks were loose enough on the river stream resulting in no friction on the tires to move on, failed. But it was good to ride a vehicle on the river stream. We didn’t stop, went again came back and again and again, it was like a child playing to and fro in an escalator.

9:00 Reached meenvallam, officials told water is low, on reaching yes they were right. We were the only two in the entire surrounding area. What next let’s climb to the waterfall, nearing the waterfall, the rocks were damn slippery that we started to slide on the rocks, 0% grip, we were crawling like a baby.

The leech Attack

Going through wet rocks, on reaching the falls, our feet had no grip, we were just sliding on the rock beds, needed to be very careful while climbing the rocks, was quite interesting too. Then I felt some kind of pinch on my right leg, some black jelly kind of worm, oh God LEECH, didn’t have matchbox, no salt nothing we had. Just held it and pulled away hard to get it off from my feet, it was like a rubber extending and finally coming out, yuck, and obviously blood streaming out. After few minutes, just checked my left leg and between second and third finger something was seen extending, another LEECH, should have carried some salt …

Should be cautious, though these are of less harm when it gets attached to arms or legs, not much of a damage than causing a puncture wound and sucking pure blood. In case if you come across a leech on you, remove the leech and the wound will continue to bleed, just clean the affected area and apply a bandage if you have one on handy, but remember try not to scratch the wound.

Time for nature bath. Moved away from the falls, trekked to find the clear water and off into the water. The entire forest had number of ways for the water stream, we found a way and it was like a private space, clear, icy chill water. 1 hour in the water before leaving Meenvallam.

12:00 What next?

Dhoni Falls

Yes you read it right it’s Dhoni Falls, my brother and his friends came here last year. Since I haven’t been yet and still half of the day left we decided to try it out. One should trek 4KM through the forest to reach the falls and when they went it was heavily raining and it was leech ground. We reached Dhoni falls and the notice said batch starts by 14:00 hrs, on enquiring it was told they allow in batches 150 to 200 members a batch, it takes 4 hours to trek, a guide will be accompanying and its 100 rs per head. My brother was what’s this S***? When they visited, no guide, no restrictions in timings its all on our own till the falls. And the official also mentioned water flow is very less, will not allow people to enter in the water. WHAT?? It’s like treating a child, so we both regretted the idea of trekking with a guide, so Dhoni falls dropped. Waited for a while and started to Coimbatore.

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Trek Distance: 8 KM (to and fro)

Best time to visit: Jul to Nov

Things to carry: Water Bottle(S), salt and match stick (prone to LEECHES) be careful with the match stick in forest.

But wait, it’s not fair enough for not showcasing how Dhoni falls be like, here are the photos taken by this crew back in 2016 when there was no restriction nor a guide to take through the trek,

This may be the last post of 2017. Thanks for all the support and appreciations, 2017 has been a sublime year for me (Koushik) and I believe for the entire crew. 27 riders, 22 explorations – didn’t have any sights near by that number when me(Koushik)/Harish started. I thank all riders for being a part of the team, suggesting improvements on planning and getting a success story at the end of each trip. Once a TLTian you’re always a TLTian. Last but not the least it would be a disgrace if am not mentioning you readers, TLT is nothing without readers, it’s you’re continuous support and feedback that made us to ride and explore places every weekend, proud and happy to say by today TLT total view stands at 6000, thank you all for achieving this feat in a short time span (7 months). 2017 has been a memorable year with loads of memories. Keep supporting and following us, will be back with new rides in 2018, see you soon, wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year