Looking out for a destination where you can surround yourself with beautiful pristine landscape, in between a pleasant atmosphere with modest climate? Then Dandiganahalli is the answer for your quest. When the water level is moderate the lush green meadows is a treat for the eyes and this place has lots of pastures for a safe camping too. Though the reservoir has been closed permanently it still serves as a water source for near by villages, and is becoming a popular weekend getaway for travellers due to its serene landscape and calm surrounding. No need permission to enter the premises, but make sure not to litter the place, it up to us to preserve the extinct reservoirs.

Located nearby to Bangalore, within 100 KM of radius.
Easily accessible, Google Maps has the perfect location of this reservoir.
Good condition road till Chikballapur, the last 6 KM is off road and are of not good condition, but it is manageable. Even cars can be driven through it.

The Crew

Dandiganahalli Dam

Not much of a planning for this trip, the destination was decided on Saturday evening and it was well executed on Sunday, kudos to the team.

The trip started with a distinct taste of hot and tangy flavor – Briyani at Hoskote, Mani Briyani. Mani briyani is well known and popular among Bangalore-ans for the early morning Briyani, and readers if you haven’t tasted yet, better plan for a day, it is worth a visit. (And you need to wait in a long queue for your taste buds to relish the heavenly flavor of the Briyani)

Note: Open only three days a week Tuesday, Friday and Sunday between 7:30 AM to 10:30 AM.

With our tummies filled, Dandiganahalli was the only stop remaining on our minds. Around 11:30 reached Dandiganahalli, and there were already people mostly bikers occupying the entire arena for photographs, and so do us.

It had a mix climatic condition, at times the grey clouds covered the entire sky and it seemed to rain but only leading to disappointment. But that didn’t stop us from the fun, chit chat, exchanging the rounds for getting focussed by the camera looking out to capture a pic that would best suit for profiles  while few went on to explore the area. Dandiganahalli has lots of wareabouts to look out for.

Spent quality time exploring the destination, before revving back to Bangalore. And on our return the sign of monsoon were seen, it started to rain when we were on the Devanahalli high way, ahhhh what a pleasure it was, anxiously waiting for monsoon to be high this season.

A wonderful experience, staring the day with Briyani, without any expectation we went to Dandiganahalli and it had a surprise, at the end a day well spent. Until next time, keep following and keep supporting, see you guys.