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Trek Distance: Approximately 4 KM

Difficulty: Challenging (if trekking down to the fall) or Straight Forward (to the view point)

Things to Carry: Water Bottles, Snacks, Trekking shoes

Best time to Visit: Monsoon

Clock striking 2 AM, dragging us into the day we had been anticipating for, it’s the start of the weekend and so do for the getaway. A long weekend where most of the fellow travellers moved to their hometown but not for we 3.

The Crew

2AM scene, the darkness is almost absolute, the rich velvet blanket of black sky, smattering of luminous stars and the chillness swallowing up the day, nothing more to expect for the ride.

The Ride

3:30 Me and Harish started from Marathahalli, to pick up Anil at BTM then towards Chunchi falls.

The plan was to take nice road till Kanakapura, then follow the route which leads to Sangam.

Driving in nice road and Kanakapura road is like driving through the heaven for a rider, the entire stretch with yellow and red beam of road studs that illuminated the invading darkness, casting a myriad of shadow upon the asphalt.

Stopped at Kanakapura for a morning coffee before moving forward. Needed to go through villages and the last few kilometres, the Tarmac was not good enough. 6:30 reached Chunchi falls. Parked our vehicles and the first view showed us even this place has been hit by summer badly. But there were water spotted, so had our fingers crossed while getting down to the falls.

Knew that need to trek down for a kilometre and on reaching, there were two official restricting the entry down to the falls, they told we are not supposed to go down as it is being restricted due to dangerous path and pushed two of the other travellers back, asked us also to go back. We acknowledged them and waited and waited and waited until the officials went from the spot. We 3 had the same thought in our mind of going down to the falls, starred each other and the next moment without any hesitation we started to move down. We get more excited when people ask us not to do something.

There was no path, need to literally climb through the rocks and find your own way. Highly challenging, a single mistake and down you go sliding on the rocks. Need to be very cautious on each move.

While we moved further, the first glimpse of waterfall started to be seen.

Almost half way through, the waterfall was uncovering itself slowly, like the curtain being raised on a stage. We had to wait to reach the base, around 20 min descending downwards the entire chunchi falls was visible, marvellous Arkavathi. The water was gushing over the rocks, and at its widest point it was surging and plunging down the mountain ending up in a beautiful serenity pool.

To the left to the right, standing on the rock had a 360 view and no one were spotted other than us. It was us and the waterfall.

Moved further to our right to get into the water, found a perfect spot near a small tree, rested our bagpacks, shoes and sat on the rock resting our foot in the river. The water was so cold, at the early morning it wasn’t a surprise.

After a while came out of the water, collapsed at the rocks and let the burbling sound of water flow, morning sun rays, tree shades to do its magic. Had a good long chat, and also had a power nap on the rock. No disturbance, no distractions, it was just us and the nature, simply superb.

It was by 9:30 when our tummy started to knock for food and we realized we need to trek back.

On the way back got up the tower which was supposed to be the view point, entire Chunchi falls could be seen from that altitude.

There are small shops setup by localities, food is okay and manageable. After having our breakfast, learnt that sangam and mekadatu are on the way, 14 km away, so decided to visit.

The first sight of sangam made us think why did we end up here, there was no water, it was completely dry. And one of the forest official told go to mekadatu, need to take a bus that will take to the waterfall. So tried it. The bus leads to the view point, and the official at the bus will walkthrough the path which he calls it as the waterfall. The bus will wait for 30 min before taking back. According to our point of view it wasn’t worth visiting, since there was no water and the place was commercialised, infact we spent 200 bucks to have a 20 min power nap at mekadatu. It would be good during the monsoon.

With that said, yet another successful exploration at TLT, returned back to Bangalore.