In deed a much awaited one, planning started with two members finally 9 members confirming for the trip. Though had multiple trips with 6 members, a slightest of hesitation still sneaked through at the beginning. Knew few of them, and this was the first trip with this group.

Day 1 Aug 12:

The plan was Me, Harish, Eubin and Hema to assemble in front of Ezone sharp by 03:00 before moving to Castro place to join with the rest of the crew. Surprising moment was me and Harish assembled sharp by 03:00 (which had never happened before), but there was the exact same delay of 45 minutes as like other trips but this time I was at the receiving end It was almost 4 when Eubin and Hema arrived, a quick intro and started to Castro home without any delay.

The morning scene do turned us on, with the dark gloomy sky, with drizzles filling up the entire stretch, but it didn’t last longer. Reached Castro home, I could see someone gradually appearing on the lights of my beast, his RE was all set and ready like a raging bull to conquer the streets. The entire crew were in one place Me, Harish, Eubin, Castro, Hema, Saru, Roselin and Nirosh with Anbu Kumar to join at nelamangala. A good long chat and the ride started, 5 bikes 8 members.

The Crew

Anbukumar joined us at nelamangala, and then the ride was a breezy cool one until Hassan with grey clouds coming in, sights of rain, no signs of sun bursting out from the sky, waving hands to children who were a passerby before we decided to stop for a morning coffee. Had our breakfast at Hassan and started towards Halebidu. It was midday when we reached Halebidu, a perfect standing example of Hoysala architecture, though we had lots of fun inside the Hoysalwswara temple there were moments where our eyebrows were raised on seeing the sculptures. Pictures will explain the rest.

Our next stop was Belur, reached the temple entrance but were not interested in getting in. On enquiring fellow travelers mentioned to be similar to that of Halebidu, so decided to have our lunch and move to Chikmagalur.

We were 40 KM away from Chikmagalur, on reaching the arch which said welcome to chikmagalur one info stroke on our mind which was shared by Ghost Rider (Eubin) drive at 40’s as police are strictly hunting for riders crossing the speed limit. Initially being cautious for few meter drove within 40’s but it was like having a horse and moving like a tortoise, without any hesitation drove like I always use to do.

16:30 – 18:30 A good two hours wait for people travelling from Coimbatore to join, and this was the time when me and Harish had other ideas to get our vehicle repaired a bit and explore the Chikmagalur town.

Started with the bus stand, went to the park, the playground, flower market, roamed through each and every streets and colonies, what’s with roaming with a local chat, stopped by one of the street side shop for chikmagalur street food, then a board said Chikmagalur Tourism Center, entered in as a tourist but came out as a patient. It had been renovated to a hospital but the sign board still showed as tourism center, took our bikes and planned to return before which we saw a clean and pleasant road, WOW was our first expression, took that road to end up in chikmagalur Grave Yard, it was then our brain realized you fools even the road which leads to grave yard will be silent, we both nodded as “A good sign before moving to the hill top”

19:00 The crew from CBE (Yogesh, Sarath and Balaji) had reached and all 12 members started to the hill top, had passes for all the vehicles and a 20 KM journey to the homestay. It was through the forest, we would have covered 15 KM and from no-where all of a sudden we entered into a place fully covered with fog, yes it is fog surrounding us. Cold breeze, it was like a white sheet covering the entire road and our bikes were fighting through it, spectacular it was.

21:00 Reached the base of our homestay, it was really a challenging one for each and every rider to get his vehicle to the top since it was very steep and completely off road. So first had a walk to the top, felt the scenario and all we needed to do was never pull in the clutch once the bike started to ascend.

The camp fire was lit up, making us warm in the icy chill weather and then the real fun started, notable one was the “Life Message” delivered by Harish and Nirosh, kudos.

Day 2 Aug 13:

Wanderers in the Wilderness

My entire day as a pillion rider. Day 2 a photo day. Especially a day without mobile phone and internet. And the crew with the customized shirts..

Dutta Petta

And Nirosh showing his Photography skills 😀



The real aura of TLT started here, opposite to the waterfall a beautiful landscape came to our sight, few went to have food and rest went for the trek.  It was worth trekking the mountain, at a high altitude it was like talking directly to the nature, free from the crowd, we could hear only sound of the wind and moving mist. Also got the chance to witness two fox, and also a snail crawling through a leaf. A 45 minute rest before descending down. Awestruck and getting lost with the nature.

The Delicacy

Instantly prepared parottas, hot and well suited for the climate.

Back to homestay, back with the entire team, the camp fire, the reunion, the fun, fan base heated arguments from getting mesmerized to Castro vocals, it was like being in heaven to finish Day 2. Wish this day lasted longer.

Day 3 Aug 14:

Homestay Special

Mullayanagiri – A visit to the highest apex in Karnataka.

And Castro adding extra spice to the scene by mesmerizing everyone with his melodies, I am a biggest fan of his songs.

Came across other riders, had a brief chat and learnt that they too were from TN and especially few of them were from my hometown Coimbatore. The pleasure of meeting fellow travelers from one’s own hometown and in that group had a Harish in them 😀 Shared our plans they shared their, wished them a safe ride without compromise on the fun.


Charmadi – Into the rider’s paradise

And the most awaited ride, with 15 miles of twisty asphalt, you would think that one turn would be just like the next and the next after that, but Charmadi is not for the prediction, while others were enjoying the curves, I had these pictures of Jul 2016 rolling in my mind on the past ride to this same place, it was foggy early morning then, bright evening now, icy chill then, moderate climate now, raining then, dark cloud spread now, highly challenging to drive on the two way road then, enjoyable cornering in the extended road now. But each and every one were hypnotized during the entire course. I wonder why there is no 6th gear for my beast 

In the meantime Anbu and Nirosh were not been sighted even after crossing Charmadi view point. It was already 19:00, it was then when I shared my thought of me and Harish to go for few KM forward in search of them while Castro, Eubin, Hema and Roselin to move back and wait for us until 20:00 away from the ghat section. When we started Nirosh and Anbu returned, suddenly me and Harish starting to laugh and turning the entire scene comic 😀 while Castro and Eubin …. Their face expression will show the real situation,

Ushhhhhh everyone serious pls….

Then came the BitterSweet ride to Hassan. The route from Belur to Hassan, team experienced paranormal ride, the entire stretch was so dark without any street lamps that even if you’re strong enough at one stage you will start feeling weirdness within you, so naming it the BitterSweet ride.

Reached Hassan at 22:00 checked in at SS Residency, and the real fun started. Censored for riders’ credibility ………..

Day 4 Aug 15:

On behalf of TLT, happy independence day

The Mean Ride

11:00 Started to Bangalore, Eubin had to board his ride to his native by 18:00, so everyone were in a responsible situation, except the two. Reached Hirisave, thought rest of them had already passed us, so on a short notice decided to visit Sharavanabelagola to purchase hand-made stone idols before moving to Bangalore. But that didn’t last longer, as the crew were behind us and told we would plan for a days visit to Shravanabelagola, somehow convincing us. After 10 KM from Hirisave when the sign board that said take right to Shravanabelagola -> 18 KM, without any discussion and slightest of hesitation took the turn and dropped a message to the team. We wanted something as a souvenir from the trip to be carried to our hometown, and I believed Shravanabelagola was the right stop, from my past experience. As simple as the saying goes “you need to sacrifice one for the other” and we both believed the rest of the team will not take us wrong and they will understand us.

A thought going on our mind while driving from Shravanabelagola that we will not touch base with the team, but somehow managed to join at Nelamangala toll, as they were waiting for our arrival. While chatting, a drop of water was sensed, everyone starring at the sky eagerly waiting for the rain and our prayers were answered. Not more than a second there was a heavy down pour, but none moved for the shelter, few with rain coats and few removing the rain coats started the ride back towards Bangalore. Nothing can match the immense pleasure of riding in the rain. For the rest of the ride as a thanksgiving the sky showered its love in its own way. Ride finally coming to an end, never expected of such a fun trip, this team will be remembered for all the entertainment provided, thanking each and everyone for this success.

Each and every ride has its own learning and message and we have learnt it. Until next TLT stay tuned.