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First Destination: Shravanabelogola

30 Jul

Bahubali Temple

Shravanabelagola to Hassan, drive through the rain. Nothing can match the pleasure of driving in the rain, but that didn’t last for long. There was a downpour,  0% visibility, stopped until the visibility is good enough for the drive.

31 Jul

Ride to charmadi, Hassan -> Belur ->Mudigere -> Charmadi on a total 120 KM. On reaching the check post of Charmadi, fog covering up the whole stretch, need to descend for 15 KM to reach charmadi. There were vehicles coming on the opposite direction and things got worsen on going down the stretch, visibility decreasing, fog covered the whole stretch, filling up the visor from the outside and the weather making it so cold that even the slightest breath coming from nostrils forming a layer on the visor from inside. It was really hard and challenging to drive battling that situation and taking sharp curves and chicane for every few meter. Every rider would love to drive through.

And that’s Charmadi for the Love of Roads.