In the season of heat, me and my brother are here riding in the verdant landscape, a place proven to be the source of Tea for most of the state in India, yes you guessed it right, its Ooty (Ootacamund), Avalanche to be precise. Ooty well known for its blue mountains, beautiful landscapes, splendid green downs, fresh-home chocolates, it is a hill of extraordinary scenic beauty endowed with salubrious climate, no doubts it is called as Queen of Hill Station. Neverthless for the teens in Coimbatore it’s like a one stop destination, “boring in Coimbatore? Not able to sleep at night? Come let’s drive to ooty for a cup of tea.” Ooty is so close to our hearts, we love Ooty.

April 28 – May 1, being a holiday season, we are aware how route via Mettupalayam will be bottle necked. Decided to take the least known route, to drive via Kerala, Anaikatti, Mulli and Ooty/Avalanche. 99% of tourist will avoid this route, major reason on being quite secluded and non availbility of public transport, but the distance remains the same.

The Crew

Royal Enfield -> Yogesh, (me) Koushik
Driving on this offbeaten track from Anaikatti to Mulli was adventurous, taking us through a huge variety of scenery, quiet village roads, meadows fringed with towering trees and the experience of cornering the ghat section with Royal Enfield, it’s just classic. Words fail to describe the magnificence of Ooty.

Coonoor Map

Indigenous variety of Flora

Crossing the Kerala border, verification on crossing the state border is mandatory and the officers are strict, failing to provide any one of the following docs will result in non allowing to cross the state border, DL, insurance and RC copies are mandatory for the check. Once the legal documents are good an entry is made before opening the doors to enter Ooty.

Ramaiah Sagar/Reservoir and power generation unit (2400 Meters Above sea level)

Ramaiah Sagar has six hydro-electric power generation unit also called as Kundah Power House is one of the major electricity generating unit in Tamil Nadu. Avalanche, Emerald along with Upper Bhavani form the source of water for Kundah Power House. This project is a symbol of India-Canada co-operation hence the power house is named as “Canada Power House”. Canada power house 2 the one seen in picture has two power generation unit that generates 180 MW of electricity and stands as a major power resource for Ooty and Coimbatore.

Canada Power house 2

Kundah Power House Details

  • Kundah Power House 1 – Kundah Bridge, generates 60MW, 25 KM from Ooty
  • Kundah Power House 2 – Geddai, generates 175MW, 16 Km from Kundah/Manjoor
  • Kundah Power House 3 – Parali, generates 180MW, 122 Km from Kundah
  • Kundah Power House 4 – Parali, generates 100MW, 122 Km from Kundah
  • Kundah Power House 5 – Avalanche, generates 40MW, 18 Km from Kundah
  • Kundah Power House 6 – Poruthimund Dam, generates 30MW, 26 Km from Kundah

10:00 Crossing 43 hair pin bends we reached Manjoor, had breakfast, a good long chat at the hotel before starting to Avalanche. 16 Km away, 32 hair pins remaining from our destination and we were running on reserve fuel, the worst part is from Manjoor to Avalanche there is no petrol station, sharing the thoughts of leaving the vehicle behind, catch a bus and leave (on normal roads itself its difficult to push an Royal Enfield in hills no way). We started to calculate the distance 32 Km on total, taking hills into consideration 3 ltrs of petrol, the vehicle would be running for a minimum of 60 Kms, had our fingers crossed and off we went through the hills.

12:00 Reached Avalanche lake and the shocker, the checkpost was closed, the slots for safari were full and there was no vacancy to park the vehicle itself. Tourist started to queue up, within minutes the entire road was filled with cars and bikes, few even tried to use their influence by contacting higher officials and bypass the queue, but nothing worked, the security didn’t show any soft corner for recommendations. In the mean time we both moved up the hill nearby landed our bags and rested looking at all the drama the tourist were performing.

In the mean time checked with other tourist who returned from safari, mentioned the safari is total waste, due to crowd the safari gets finished within an hour with not much stops to view upper bhavani and lakkadi lake and Emarald lake.

We decided not to waste time getting stuck inside, so spent time resting at the hill taking photos before making our move back.

Emerald Lake

12 at noon and still due drops seen

Though we didn’t have the chance to visit, here are the details on spots available for visit,

From the check post, one can drive his/her own vehicle up to 3  km, after which the vehicles will be parked and need to board the forest transportation (a bus) for rest 2 hours of the trip. They charge 150 rs for the entire journey.

  • Lakkadi Lake 12 Km
  • Upper Bhavani 24 Km
  • Emerald Lake 12 Km
  • Kundah 24 Km

On starting our return we were like in search for water in desert, the sign of relief on seeing Bharat petroleum sign board saying “Petrol bunk 2 km away.” And again the hurting part the petrol price 78 odd rupees per litre, it really hurts.

Kundah Tea Factory

Also came across the waterfalls. Spent worth-full time before marching towards Coimbatore.

The bike tank covers were open, and the cloth was out from the covers. Looking around, we spotted the culprit responsible for this act, also got hold to snap a photo, beware of him 

Monkey it was. They do it in search for food. With full rights they use to jump from one vehicle to the other and open the tank covers and start their check. The good thing about the monkeys is they don’t scratch anywhere on your vehicle, they do their checks and if they find food they take it else leave things as such and move to other vehicle. So gentle they are 

A day well spent, though it was summer the humidity was very less, we were able see due drops even at 12 noon, Ooty a best getaway destination during all season. Avalanche, Ooty a must visit destination for all riders, photographers, people who want to spend a day surrounded by serenity. Until next time, happy summer holidays guys.

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  1. I have never heard of this place and always enjoy learning about hidden parts of India, in particular. This looks like a great road trip!

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