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Trek Distance: Approximately 3 KM

Difficulty: Plain and Straight forward

Best time to visit: Monsoon (Aug to Feb), Average (Mar to Jul)

Things to carry: Water bottle, Snacks, Matchbox.

A pleasant morning, clock striking at 04:00. Three bikes, five member team and most importantly it was going to be the first ride and I was very excited than anyone else. It had rained the previous night and the weather was moderate, best suited for riding. The plan was to start from Marathahalli by 04:45, and to my surprise everyone assembled at the spot exactly by 04:45 (not sure since this being the first venture :p)

The Crew

A quick intro by Harish to me and Nithyanadh about Ankit and Anil, just shared our names and a firm handshake welcoming for the trip, Anil and Ankit were sharing the rides while me and Nithyanandh shared the ride and Harish was lucky enough being the lone rider, with no more time to waste, off we started to Avalabetta.

By 05:30 we reached the airport road from where we need to take the straight course until Devanahalli. It was very surprising for me to see the entire course being visible without any fog and mist covering, memories of the monsoon season passing by. 06:00 We all crossed Devanahalli toll, and sun started to shine with its vibrant orange hues bursting into the entire sky with vivid colors.

7:30 Reached Avalabetta road, stopped for morning tea, and it was by then all 5 had the chance to share about each other. It was about 17 KM drive from that place, through the villages. It was around 08:15 when we reached the base of the trek. Bikes were parked and the work for feet started.

After few meters there we saw the path separating, one with newly laid tarmac and the other need to go through rocky terrain. Everyone’s thought were similar, took the off road.

The entire stretch had been conquered by millipede, had to be very careful on taking each move. Imagined how worst it would been during the monsoon, it’s best to equip yourself with a match stick or a lighter just to be cautious in case. There were sign boards displaying the extended rock, that’s what we came here for.

About 30 minutes of walk we reached Lord Narasima temple that also marked for the sign of reaching half distance of the trek. The priest performed the rituals, got blessing from lord narasima and moved forward towards the extended rock.

It was a hilly terrain, with about 10 minutes of trek, reached the puddle which was almost dry.

Need to trek in between huge rock that also read beware of bears and then the beauty was in our sights, the beak rock could be seen. And to the disappointment it was restricted entry with the barricade, but we were lucky enough for the security not being spotted. What’s point of clicking the pick without really sensing the beauty of the place, squeezed ourselves between the barricades (easy to get through for skinny and average people, but quite challenging for others). To describe the scene “a puddle that extended itself to form a beak rock”, the entire scene was a picturesque.

Seen from a distance would be an easy task standing on the beak rock, once you reach the cliff then butterflies would start rumbling inside your stomach.

And this didn’t last for long, the security was back and started whistling, yelling and shouting us to get down. But that just passed through our ears, the best moments was when each one had his turn to stand at the beak rock and present for the camera with a huge smile while the security was going ablaze on us.

10:30 On our way back, we used the same path to descend. Had a good long chat with cup of butter milk to fill out tummy and crazy photoshoots. It’s better to carry snacks and water bottles since there are no shops nearby.

Here’s Avalabetta in one pic,

11:30 Reached the parking. Learnt about Grover vineyard in Doddaballapura on the way to Bangalore, it was a tour inside the vineyard with lunch being served as part of the tour. Decided to stop by Grover and have the tour, it was around 70+ KM distance from avalabetta and was on the way to Bangalore reached Grover but we were not lucky enough though. The security mentioned we need to have prior permission/booking to enter, he provided the number to get ourselves permission, but that same day NatGeo documentary was taking place, so it was restricted for entry.

Featured for: Vineyard insight, a guided tour inside the vineyard.

With that said just managed to shoot couple of photos of Grover vineyard from the gate and started back to Bangalore.

Other Attractions and Suggestion:

Nandhi Hills, Grover Zampa Vineyard and Jakkru Air Fields (experience parasailing at jakkur air fields) are other attractions on the way to Avalabetta.

One could visit Nandhi Hills early in the morning as it is the splendid spot for sunrise, then visit Avalabetta (hope the security is not around for you to enter the cliff). And on the return visit Grover Zampa Vineyard and Jakkur Air Fields (parasiling), note both these places needs prior booking. It is advised to start by early morning to cover all the places.