Best time to visit: All Season

Recommended for: All age groups can visit, Chunchi Falls – Need to trek down, trek is easy.

What makes this ride extra special?

The PULSAR is back, yes it’s the same machine which marked the black day in TLT, now its back in action after 6 months ready to conquer the streets.

Arkavathi Dam built across the river Arkavathi, a tributary of river Cauvery and this was constructed recently in 2004. Mentioning the dimensions of the dam, covers a length of 720 mts at 29 mts height with 4 spillway gates. The dam is surrounded by natural beauty, the calm and soothing atmosphere offers visitors a wonderful weekend getaway for some worthful relaxing moments.

A challenging season among the four, the good aspect is days are longer which gives us more time to explore and the down side is battling with the burning temperature. After a month we decided to ride, the trio are back.

The Crew

RE: Deepan

Pulsar: Harish

Apache: Koushik

5:30 For the first time in 2018 TLT riding towards Kanakapura road, we have seen Kanakapura as a rain hit, cold and breezy one, not sure how it resembles during the summer. With the benefit of doubts, entered Kanakapura road and a short discussion on the distance, to reach Arkavathi need to go through Kanakapura so we had another 40 Km ahead of us, we decided to stop in the regular hotel Krishna Sagar at Kanakapura for a coffee. And here comes the confidence booster from Harish, ah just 40 KM, in 30 min we can reach there. Reality we took 45 minutes.

The ride was pure, and spell bound when we saw the rain hit roads, striking us with strong cold wind, unexpected condition during summer.

6:15 At our regular refreshment hotel. Started with coffee, by the time idly got ready, plate for each, enquired what else is ready, the chef told vada will be ready in 10 minutes and his 10 minutes lasted till 7:30, but that one hour was more productive and fun with our shit chat.

8:30 The way was familiar, while riding we checked with each other and realized it was similar to that of Chunchi falls. Enquired a villager and he mentioned first will be Arkavathi reservoir and moving further for another 10 km will be Chunchi falls. He directed us with the correct way to the reservoir (as usual google maps was leading to no mans land). The morning vibes on reaching the reservoir, silent atmosphere, tall steel structures, birds flapping their wings over the water and people in coracle with fishing nets, it was more lively and soothing.

Not sure what they were discussing.

This is how we explore, if something happens, fled away from that place.

Sign for being the next capetown 

The reservoir proves to be a major source of water for the nearby villages, though the water level doesn’t seem to be such, but during monsoon season the water level is believed to be at its max.

Found a perfect spot under the tree shade, snack time. And the chat begun, this time it was about 2018 milestone. Without second thought (location) was the word that came out from Harish and Deepan, when as to why (location) ? 2017 milestone total 1000 KM, 2018 double it, as simple as it is. Without wasting much time updated the same in website (since we were aware when time goes by plan changes by.)

Next visit to Chunchi Falls

9:45 Second visit to this secluded waterfall (not anymore), ticket counter has been put up, as entry fee of 10 for two wheelers and 20 for four wheelers, and on reaching the place another fee is collected as parking fee of 10 for two wheeler and 30 for four wheeler. And more over even a sign board with marking directing the way for the trek and the trek down has been modified. Just remembered the old days where we jumped through rocks, lost path, being stealth and everything got changed over an year. Spotting tourist was once rare and now this has become a tourist spot. But one remained the same, not allowed to get in the water. Click here for Chunchi Falls (2017 visit)

Overall a day well spent. Rides had been normal in Q1, more rides planned in Q2, hoping to execute them successfully. Thank you readers for all your valuable feedbacks which kept us improving the blog and so do on our rides, happy to share featuring TLT at Digital Travel Guru which earned us a place where bloggers collaborate. Keep supporting and keep following like you always do. Until next ride, c u soon.

15 thoughts on “Arkavathi Reservoir/Chunchi Falls

  1. Waterfalls are always so intriguing and beautiful to me, just like the Kuang Si Falls that I visited back in Laos. I’d love to head down to check out the beautiful falls that you had captured in this post and embark on that epic road trip to get there.

    1. Thank you Amber, yes it for a fun filled ride. The waterfalls will be at it’s best during July-Sep, but trekking down will be a big challenge.

    1. 😀 😀 They would have discussed on which end of the reservoir fishes will be more so that they hunt some and I am damn sure they wouldn’t have discussed on the engineering side :p :p

  2. I think I’d love exploring this terrain on a bike. The scenes and sites you encountered are so gorgeous and I’m in awe of the reservoir! Such an amazing place to explore!

    1. Thank you Aisha. Yes it is indeed a serene one, but if you’re a traveler love to explore in bike, then Karnataka has lots of options to explore.

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