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Trek Distance: 4-5 KM

Difficulty: Challenging

Things to Carry: Torch, Water bottles, Snacks, Knives (need to go through bushes), trekking shoes (must)

Best time to visit: Summer (Not recommended during rainy season)

It was a pleasant cold evening, dark, mystifying, and perfect weather for the night drive. This is the second trip with this team and the speciality was all fellow travellers getting together, a seven member journey. The plan was to me, Harish, Nithyanadh, Ankit and Anil to meet up with Shankar and Ramesh at Electronic City at 23:30 from where we were about to start to Antara Gange. And as usual 50 Min delay, and am not sure from where Shankar will get the energy to be punctual for all the trips, so needed to be very careful with the reason for the delay :p

The Crew

The Ride

Had a brief intro of everyone and shared the plan to go through Hosur, Bagalur, Malur, Kolar and Antara Gange. The first stop was at Hosur bus stop for a hot Tamilnadu Tea, had a good chat before marching forward.

The route was good enough and the weather adding spice to the situation with cold breeze, moon hanging in the dark sky accompanied by twinkling stars, simply spectacular.

We bikers took stops where ever we needed to and snapped photos and by the time we reached Antara Gange Shankar and co were all geared up for the trek, waiting for our arrival. It was around 3:30 AM we started our trek.

Initially there were steps to walk through, and reached the temple.

There were two people doing some offering, we all went on in searching for the entrance of the trek, going to the right, left and behind the temple, and after some struggle, behind the temple there we saw the off track that paved the way for the caves. Confirmed with the locals for the safety on the trek before starting.

Here came the torch in handy, the path was through rocks and bushes and we guys were pin pointing each other for not carrying a torch for the night trek, Shankar with his experience had all stuffs required for a night trek. Lucky we were.

Trekking through the rocks was not that easy, narrow path, slippery rocks, no sign boards and low visibility adding extra spice to the trek. It is advised to trek with a good trekking shoes as the rocks are not so gentle for first time trekkers.

It was a complete exploration, there was a place where we thought it was the end without reaching the cave, but after some sneaking through the rocks there was the hidden path. And after 1 hour and 30 minutes of trek I heard the shout saying “Come down Koushik, I have found the cave” from Shankar.

Need to be careful while exploring the cave, the rocks are not so easy to climb through. If one keeps moving forward the cave has way everywhere, all you need to do is squeeze yourself. At one end there was a hollow space, not sure how deep it was, marking the end of the cave.

Moved out of the cave, then we were not stopped yet, again moved forward, target was to reach the peak, and ascended a big rock from where the entire city can be seen. Within minutes the dark cloud started to fade and the bright yellow light was pushing itself out from the sky. There can be nothing more pleasing to sense than the sunrise. Nature at its best at this heavenly hour, the golden rays of sun garnishing clouds and meadows, simply B-E-A-Utiful to say it like Jim Carrey.

Descended on the same path, viewing the huge rocks that we crossed through in the night being unaware. Descending was easier than we thought. By 6:30 started from Antara Gange to Bangalore. A trek what we thought would end in couple of hours kept us engaged the whole night, a night well spent, with all the fun, one that will be remembered.

Last but not the least TLT’s are nil without bikes.

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    1. Yeah, it definitely is. You don’t get a chance to view the sunrise every time when you trip, it is really mesmerizing at that point and it lasts only for few minutes.

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