And this how it all started,

Sep 29 23:00 Guys when are we starting tomorrow.

Dhana: 4:00 in the morning assemble at Gandipuram bus stand and we are leaving to Kerala. And finally the myth was broken, first time TLT riding to a location purely out of Karnataka.

That’s it no more taking, the destination was set, rest was to the riding.

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4:00 College gang reunion, with the tag of Shankar boys getting together after 2 long years. Everyone assembled sharp by 4:00 at the bus stand. Arasuvel, Dhana, Deepan, Balraj, Hari and Jobince were the crew, this trip also gets the privilege for identifying the hidden talent in Arasu and naming him Raghul “The Google” and also Hari Prakash first trip with his new Hornet. The route for this trip was decided over a cup of tea.

The Crew – Such a Heavenly View

Dhana, Arasu -> RE 350 Classic

Koushik, Raj -> RE 350 Classic (My First ride with RE)

Deepan, Jobince -> Apache 160

Hari -> Hornet 160

5:30 Reached Eachanari Vinayagar Temple, had the blessing of lord Ganesha before marching forward. And what’s a ride without hiccups, Hari and Raj due to their time wasting technique, missed out the right turn which would take to Palakkad, and took the Pollachi route. It was after 15 KM we came to know that. Not much of thinking, asked them to catch the Trissur route and lets all get together at Trissur. Since they were 10 KM behind us, we had ample time for relaxation and time to chitchat. And then the Mother Nature showered its blessing, it started to rain and was like the rain chasing us, use to rain for some time, stops and then raining again, beautiful with the NH being well built for the ride, off we went streaming through all the obstacles. Me and Dhana taking the RE for a long ride for the first time, enjoyed each and every bit of the riding in that machine.

8:00 All the riders got together at Trissur NH, decided to look out for a hotel, moved few KM and we found out the perfect spot for the breakfast. Ordered a plate of ghee roast for each, it was so delicious that we forgot we need to drive another 150 KM and started to order every item available in the hotel, vada, poori etc, etc.

9:00 Towards Kochi we marched. With 120 KM being covered in less than 2 hours we thought that we would reach Alappuzha way before 11:00, but NH had other plans for us, the roads were under construction, potholes, speed breakers, diversion every 5 km, challenging though. But being morning and climate being moderate we managed to cross the 30 KM without much trouble. Kochi highway started, a relief breadth on the riders face not lasting for more than a mile, the next 50 KM was a traffic hit, rumbler hit ride 

LULU mall junction was the highlight. We felt that Chennai and Bangalore traffic were better comparatively. We had lots of time to take selfie, group photos, tea, coffee, snacks, whatever we thought to do we did being stuck in the traffic.

LULU Mall Traffic Ridiculousness

It was already 11:30 when we took the left turn to Alappuzha, the time we thought would reach the destination we were still 60 KM behind. In the meantime we had Jobince set up at Alappuzha to arrange the boat house and by 12:30 we reached Alappuzha everything was ready waiting for our arrival. And then the real exploration/fun started.

The core backwater area of Alleppey is rich in natural beauty with enchanting greenery all around the backwater with either sides of the river stretch filled with coconut trees and the typical Kerala style built homes, there were number of tree branches bending precariously over the water before they shoot skywards, mesmerising sight while gently floating in the boat resting on the couch. Localite explaining the history and fame of Alleppey, took us to the place where every year the boat race would happen, halting near the shores under the tree shades with the breeze welcoming us for the lunch.

19:30 The boathouse came to a stop, they called it the day marking the end of riding over the backwaters and for the whole night the boat will be halted at the same place until 7:30 the next day. Menu for dinner were provided, we selected the cuisine to be prepared and the party started. Switched on the TV, resting on the couch, watching the beauty of moon light reflecting on the water, crunching the snack and the long talk from 2008 began, we were walking through the memory lane, remembering and sharing the happiest and the embarrassing moments before moving to their respective rooms. A day to remember for ages. Most of the contents censored for riders credibility 

Essential Information:

Alappuzha is famous for varieties of cuisine based out fish and duck roast, and the cook will arrange on your request, so do try it out if you’re gonna visit Alappuzha.

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