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    Ride to the Green Paradise, Read about Wayanad

    Wanderer in the Wilderness.

2019 TLT

Ride From: Bangalore
Mar 02

Wayanad, The Green Paradise

As the saying goes “It’s all about the person who is riding the machine.”, it is the other way in my terms, “Spend equal time on setting up the machine that adds LIFE to your days”, the confidence you get on riding few kilometers is more important than anything else to complete a journey and […]

ExploreState: Kerala Distance: 310 KM
Ride From: Bangalore
Feb 02

Gandikota, Grand Canyon of India

Unlike other trips, this one is a special ride and will be remembered for ages, its because of the people in the group, as this group joins together once in every year during the same season just for one cause “Ride, Explore and Enjoy the moment”. And this time it’s the so called Grand Canyon […]

ExploreState: Andhra Pradesh Distance: 326 KM
Ride From: Bangalore
Jan 06

Chitrdurga, Vanivilas Sagar Dam

Will be updated soon

ExploreState: Karnataka Distance: 254 KM

2018 TLT

Ride From: Bangalore
Oct 07

Madhava Mantri Dam/Bhoruka Power Station

Best time to visit: Summer (Mar to Jun) and Post Monsoon (Sep to Jan) Madhava Mantri Dam built across river Cauvery near Talakadu is one of the oldest dam in Karnataka nearing 900 years of its service from the date of its construction. Built on 1140 AD by Madhava Mantri ruler during the time which […]

ExploreState: Karnataka Distance: 160 KM
Ride From: Bangalore
Aug 12

Kemmangundi, Escape into the Serene Land

A blog coming live after 30 days, lots of transitions happening over the days, that, even I stopped opening TLT page for a while, and getting back on track was quite a challenge. August was a flood hit month for western part of Karnataka, washing out Coorg and routes of Mangaluru, the season which turns […]

ExploreState: Karnataka Distance: 280 KM
Ride From: Bangalore
Jul 07

Masinagudi, Into the Wilderness

This trip was meant to be high on adventure off the beaten track, triumph on adversity and new world of discovery. Finally after hours of discussion it was decided to drive through the wildlife of Mudhumalai and Masinagudi. Homestay confirmed, custom hoods ready, and the riders were all set to march along with their machines […]

ExploreState: Tamilnadu Distance: 300 KM
Ride From: Bangalore
Jun 16

Nandhi Hills, Grandeur To The Pinnacle

Driving to the most renowned destination, Nandhi Hills. Nandhi Hills doesn’t need any introduction, and it has reached to each and every one in and around Bangalore. So here’s some of the least known facts of Nandhi Hills, Nandhi Hills also called as Ananda Giri meaning hill of happiness, and is one among the Navadurga […]

ExploreState: Karnataka Distance: 71 KM
Ride From: Bangalore
Jun 03

Dandiganahalli Dam, Concealed Treasure

Looking out for a destination where you can surround yourself with beautiful pristine landscape, in between a pleasant atmosphere with modest climate? Then Dandiganahalli is the answer for your quest. When the water level is moderate the lush green meadows is a treat for the eyes and this place has lots of pastures for a […]

ExploreState: Karnataka Distance: 100 KM
Ride From: Bangalore
May 27

Medigeshi, Invigorating Trek

Featured For:  Recommend For: Trekkers Best time to visit: All season except rainy days the rocks can be slippery Time to trek: ~45 mins to 1 hour Things to carry: Water bottles, Snacks, Trek Shoe, better wear jean as it will provide grip while trekking down the mid-section on the trek. History of Medigeshi is […]

ExploreState: Karnataka Distance: 134 KM
Ride From: Bangalore
May 13

Shivagange, Energetic Trek

Featured for:  Trek Distance: ~4 Km (to and fro) Difficulty: Moderate Best time to visit: Make sure you visit when it is not raining. Shivagange located near dobbaspet Is a well known Hindu Pilgrimage and is also considered as Dakshina Kashi (Kashi of the south). Situated close to Bangalore at around 60 km, it also […]

ExploreState: Karnataka Distance: 60 KM
Ride From: Coimbatore
Apr 29

Avalanche, Queen of Hills

In the season of heat, me and my brother are here riding in the verdant landscape, a place proven to be the source of Tea for most of the state in India, yes you guessed it right, its Ooty (Ootacamund), Avalanche to be precise. Ooty well known for its blue mountains, beautiful landscapes, splendid green […]

ExploreState: Tamilnadu Distance: 102 Km
Ride From: Bangalore
Apr 08

Arkavathi Reservoir/Chunchi Falls

Best time to visit: All Season Recommended for: All age groups can visit, Chunchi Falls – Need to trek down, trek is easy. What makes this ride extra special? The PULSAR is back, yes it’s the same machine which marked the black day in TLT, now its back in action after 6 months ready to […]

ExploreState: Karnataka Distance: 112 KM
Ride From: Bangalore
Mar 11

Mandaragiri/Basadi Betta

Recommended for:  All age groups Best time to visit: All season Things to Carry: Water, Snacks Into the hottest season of the year having longest days and shortest nights, no surprise temperature is at highest peak point, but that’s not stopping from riding and this time Mandaragiri Hills. The Crew This place is popularly known as […]

ExploreState: Karnataka Distance: 69 KM
Ride From: Bangalore
Feb 17

Madakasira Fort, into Vijayanagara Samrajam

Recommended For:  Best time to visit: All over the year A ride to the age of Vijayanagara period and no doubts this has been declared to be of National importance. First interstate ride, crossing Karnataka and entering into AP. Into AP, Andhra welcomes me Madakasira is mostly called as Shivalaya by the people, and was […]

ExploreState: Andra/Karnataka Border Distance: 150 KM
Ride From: Bangalore
Jan 27

Markonahalli, Devarayanadurga, Solitary Voyage

After a long time, reliving the moment how everything got started. Once in a while a solo ride really makes a difference, in fact gives the freedom to learn. Not one but two exploration this time, click on any of the below to get started, happy reading Markonahalli Dam, Archaic Levee Devarayanadurga, Solitary Trek The […]

ExploreState: Karnataka Distance: 195 KM
Ride From: Bangalore
Jan 20

Bettamugilalam, A Vespenturous Ride

Welcome readers for the first post of 2018. The Uniqueness of this ride is we have a female rider in the Crew in her Vespa (from being a pillion rider to a rider) and she definitely had our eyebrows raised on her riding skills by exceeding the phase at times, kudos. And of course the […]

ExploreState: Tamilnadu Distance: 101 KM

New Year Drive

Ride From: Bangalore
Jan 01

Goa, New Year 2018 in Heaven

Welcoming 2018 in Heaven – Goa. Best New Year celebration ever, never before and never again. Happy new Year readers. This post features essential information that would be helpful for first time visitors to Goa. This post solely describes our experience over the four days (Dec 30, 2017 to Jan 2, 2018) and we believe […]

ExploreState: Goa Distance: 571 KM

2017 TLT

Ride From: Coimbatore
Dec 09

A day in Palakkad, To the Tranquil Waterfall

Bored? Lets drive to OOTY <-  This here is an old trend. Bored? Lets drive towards Kerala (Palakkad) <- Is the new trend. Second week of December in Coimbatore, and Friday night my brother returning from office and sharing the thought, bored, shall we drive to a waterfall called Meenvallam at Palakkad, there will be […]

ExploreState: Kerala Distance: 104 KM
Ride From: Bangalore
Dec 03

Yelagiri, Qu’elle Surprise

A sudden plan popping out on 2nd Dec evening, when a reader pinged and asked why don’t you guys review about Yelagiri? The point is we don’t prefer picnic spots since we are aware in some point of our life we will be visiting with our family , since this was from a reader, we […]

ExploreState: Tamilnadu Distance: 166 KM
Ride From: Bangalore
Nov 26

Huliyurdurga, Alpine of Navadurga’s

Featured for:  Trek distance: ~5 km Recommended for: Trekkers/Mountain Climbers Difficulty: Challenging, better to be in a group Best time to visit: All season but make sure it’s not raining A trip with lot of expectations only to end up as a fun factor, misleading path, trek turning out to be a mountain climb etc etc The one we […]

ExploreState: Karnataka Distance: 109 KM
Ride From: Bangalore
Nov 12

Huthridurga, A Maze Climber

Featured for:  Trek distance: ~8 km Recommended for: Trekkers Difficulty: Moderate Best time to visit: All season but make sure it’s not raining Things to carry: water bottles, snacks Core TLTians getting in for the ride and its a trek, after 60 long days and this time its Huthridurga one of the Navadurgas. The initial […]

ExploreState: Karnataka Distance: 92 KM
Ride From: Bangalore
Nov 05

Horsley Hills, The Empyrean

Recommended For: All age group Best Time to Visit: All Season, Sep – Mar (Perfect Time) Got pulled over with long trips over the previous month, now back with short trips, a day trip of 310KM. And the vintage TLTians joining for the ride to Horsley Hills. The Crew Swamy -> Pulsar Koushik, Jobince -> […]

ExploreState: Andhra Pradesh Distance: 141 KM
Ride From: Bangalore
Oct 28

A day in Penukonda

Readers this post is not about any trip and neither do the photos, this post is to let you know what would happen if the vehicle is not checked before a long journey. The trip was to Gandikota, Andra Pradesh and the entire TLTians gathering for this trip. Had a bit down of confidence level […]

ExploreState: ---- Distance: ----
Ride From: Coimbatore
Oct 21

Munnar, Spine-tingling Journey

This is the second ride with this crew, and whenever Biju visits Coimbatore it turns out to be a complete entertainer of a ride (anyway he visits only once in a year). Like last Diwali trip, this too had its similarities, planned to Valparai but visited Thekkadi and Munnar and the second round trip. Oct […]

ExploreState: Kerala Distance: 368 KM via Thekkady
Ride From: Bangalore
Oct 14

Sivanasamudra, A Fun Thrilled Ride

After a month break, the group that sprouted TLT is back, yes Anil, his beast and my beast are back again, this time it’s towards Sivanasamudra falls. Oct 14 Clock striking 3, Me and Harish started from Marathahalli to BTM where Anil was supposed to join. It was indeed a long break since we had […]

ExploreState: Karnataka Distance: 150 KM
Ride From: Coimbatore
Sep 30

Alappuzha, Ride to the God’s own Country

And this how it all started, Sep 29 23:00 Guys when are we starting tomorrow. Dhana: 4:00 in the morning assemble at Gandipuram bus stand and we are leaving to Kerala. And finally the myth was broken, first time TLT riding to a location purely out of Karnataka. That’s it no more taking, the destination […]

ExploreState: Kerala Distance: 237 KM
Ride From: Bangalore
Sep 17

Shimoga, Jog Falls – Nature Untethered

Best time to visit: Shimoga (All Season), Jog (Aug – Nov) Recommended for: All Jog Falls the second highest plunge in India after Nohkalikai in Meghalaya, Gerusoppa or Gerusoppe is the town where the falls is, hence it is named as Gerusoppa Falls and Jog falls is an anglicized version. Elevated at a height of […]

ExploreState: Karnataka Distance: 425 KM via Shimoga
Ride From: Bangalore
Aug 26

Mahadevapura, The Unmapped Beauty

Best time to Visit: Mahadevapura (all season), Ganalu (Monsoon) Best to visit in group Things to carry: Water Bottle and Snacks Yet another long weekend and again am the only one left over. What else, fill the petrol check the air, charge the camera and start for the ride, when my beast is with me […]

ExploreState: Karnataka Distance: 163 KM
Ride From: Bangalore
Aug 15

Chikmagalur – A Marathon-ic Scenic Ride

In deed a much awaited one, planning started with two members finally 9 members confirming for the trip. Though had multiple trips with 6 members, a slightest of hesitation still sneaked through at the beginning. Knew few of them, and this was the first trip with this group. Day 1 Aug 12: The plan was […]

ExploreState: Karnataka Distance: 267 KM
Ride From: Chennai
Aug 15

Pondicherry, A Thunderous Independence Ride

Independence Day for my Thunderbird Yes, you read it right! This is truly the Independence Day for my RE thunderbird since it was not let out loose in the highway since I bought this bike. Thanks to Koushik, Founder TLT, for inspiriting me to go for the first ride. Here is a brief about my […]

ExploreState: Tamilnadu Distance: 120 KM
Ride From: Bangalore
Jul 30

Muthathi, Left Unexplored

Featured for: River Settlement Recommended for: Family/Couple (Not for Travel Enthusiast) The trio are back and this time with the ride to Muthathi settlement. It has been a habit riding through the Kanakapura road and the ride was as smooth as a river flow. The Crew By 7:30 reached the entrance of Muthathi reserve forest […]

ExploreState: Karnataka Distance: 121 KM
Ride From: Bangalore
Jul 22

Kabbaldurga, Such a Heavenly View

Featured for: Trek Difficulty: Challenging Trek Distance: ~7 KM Things to Carry: Trek shoe must, Water bottles, ample amount of snack (carry less since the trek is very challenging) A trip that seemed to be along with the group to the trip turning out to be a lone one. Had the idea of having the […]

ExploreState: Karnataka Distance: 100 KM
Ride From: Bangalore
Jul 14

Rasta Cafe, Drive for a Cup of Java

Like the saying goes “Last night I wanted to drink coffee, this morning I am drinking coffee. Follow your dream.” Open Days Tuesday – Friday Timings: 9:30 PM to 4:30 AM Note: Not open during morning hours. 13 Jul 2017 After a tiring day at work, reached back to home and surprising to see Harish […]

ExploreState: Karnataka Distance: 70 KM
Ride From: Bangalore
Jul 09

Thotikallu Falls (TK Falls), A Hidden Beauty

Featured for:  Difficulty: Challenging (Not recommended for lone travellers/couple) Things to Carry: Trek shoe must, Water bottles, ample amount of snack Best time to Visit: Monsoon A short drive for a reason, a bit difficult one to choose a destination within 60 KM, couple of minutes to think and chose Thotikallu Falls (TK falls). Members getting […]

ExploreState: Karnataka Distance: 42 KM
Ride From: Bangalore
Jun 24

Chunchi Falls, A Secluded Waterfall

Featured for:  Trek Distance: Approximately 4 KM Difficulty: Challenging (if trekking down to the fall) or Straight Forward (to the view point) Things to Carry: Water Bottles, Snacks, Trekking shoes Best time to Visit: Monsoon Clock striking 2 AM, dragging us into the day we had been anticipating for, it’s the start of the weekend […]

ExploreState: Karnataka Distance: 104 KM
Ride From: Bangalore
Jun 18

Antara Gange, Adventurous Night Out

Featured for:  Trek Distance: 4-5 KM Difficulty: Challenging Things to Carry: Torch, Water bottles, Snacks, Knives (need to go through bushes), trekking shoes (must) Best time to visit: Summer (Not recommended during rainy season) It was a pleasant cold evening, dark, mystifying, and perfect weather for the night drive. This is the second trip with […]

ExploreState: Karnataka Distance: 107 KM via Hosur
Ride From: Bangalore
Jun 11

Muthyala Maduvu/Pearl Valley, Omkara Hills

Featured for:  Difficulty: Challenging Things to carry: Water bottles, snacks. The beauty struck morning haze had started to churn and mix together. A perfect weather for a perfect ride. The Ride Reached Muthyala Maduvu, the first scene wasn’t that impressive. To the left was the Dodda Kere lake, the water wasn’t clear enough, but I could […]

ExploreState: Karnataka Distance: 97 KM
Ride From: Bangalore
May 20

Avalabetta, Up and Up and Up

Featured for:  Trek Distance: Approximately 3 KM Difficulty: Plain and Straight forward Best time to visit: Monsoon (Aug to Feb), Average (Mar to Jul) Things to carry: Water bottle, Snacks, Matchbox. A pleasant morning, clock striking at 04:00. Three bikes, five member team and most importantly it was going to be the first ride and […]

ExploreState: Karnataka Distance: 103 KM
Ride From: Bangalore
Apr 10

Gundal-Mysuru, Flying by the Summer

April 8, 2017 New day and a new destination, this was the first two day journey on a summer. The plan was to visit Gundal Dam, Dhondeling on Day 1 (8th April) and to take the streets of Mysore that evening and the second day to visit Chamundeswari temple, Ranganathitu Bird Sanctury, KSR Dam and […]

ExploreState: Karnataka Distance: 229 KM
Ride From: Bangalore
Mar 04

Hognekkal, A Summer Feast

Featured for:  Best time to visit: Oct to Mar Things to Carry: Clothes, Water bottles A beautiful cloud free day, the entire meadow was glowing under its morning warmth. Three bikes, five members and this was the second trip with the crew. It was decided to start by 5:00 from electronic city and like the […]

ExploreState: Tamilnadu Distance: 110 KM
Ride From: Bangalore
Feb 12

Lepakshi, Gem of an edifice from Vijayanagara Empire

Featured for:  12 Feb 2017. 4:00 “I think saw you youuuuuuuuu…” alarm whiling. Refreshed myself, checked on the power bank that I had left charging, the previous night. Got the wires and power bank packed at my bag pack and needed few fresh songs to be copied to my mobile, and started for the ride […]

ExploreState: Andhra Pradesh Distance: 142 KM

2016 TLT

Ride From:
Oct 16

Coorg, Scotland of India

Featured for:        Trek Distance: Approximately 4 KM Difficulty: Challenging Best Time to Visit: Monsoon Things to Carry: Pair of Trekking shoes, Water bottles, Snacks, Match sticks Oct 15, A trip filled with mixed feelings, in fact the first long trip with this crew. Had all the things needed for the ride geared up including […]

ExploreState: Karnataka Distance: 249 KM
Ride From:
Sep 30

Siruvani, Mother of Nature

Featured for:    Trek Distance: Approximately 3 KM Difficulty: Moderate It was a festive day, in fact the second day of Diwali, with all the fun getting to a halt, we decided to go on for a ride. This time in my home town with my childhood buddy Biju, after long years travelling and it was […]

ExploreState: Kerala Distance: 105 KM via Attappadi
Ride From:
Sep 11

BR Hills, Indigenous Community of Flora and Fauna

Featured for:      A Photo blog, photo speaks louder than words.               Barachukki Falls

ExploreState: Karnataka Distance: 170 KM
Ride From:
Jul 31

Charmadi, For the Love of Roads

Featured for:  First Destination: Shravanabelogola 30 Jul Bahubali Temple Shravanabelagola to Hassan, drive through the rain. Nothing can match the pleasure of driving in the rain, but that didn’t last for long. There was a downpour,  0% visibility, stopped until the visibility is good enough for the drive. 31 Jul Ride to charmadi, Hassan -> Belur ->Mudigere […]

ExploreState: Karnataka Distance: 322 KM
Ride From:
Jul 03

Hessarghatta, Archaic Levee

The levee that has lost its identity over the ages. Photos will explain the rest.

ExploreState: Karnataka Distance: 66 KM
Ride From:
Jun 12

Kotagiri, Inselberg of Tea Estates

ExploreState: Tamilnadu Distance: 64 KM
Ride From:
May 29

Nandhi Hills, Grandeur to the Pinnacle

Will be updated soon.

ExploreState: Karnataka Distance: 80 KM
Ride From:
Apr 10

Mangalore, Aesthetic World of Nature

Will be updated soon.

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